Friday, August 5, 2016

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Just Do It

I got in some VoMo (volunteer mom) time today at band camp, which has been going on for the past two weeks.

They'd asked for volunteer "Parent Chaperone for Band Camp".  I asked one of the boosters about it.

"Basically you will be there for any students needing a little extra assistance due to heat or exertion.  If someone goes down on the sidelines – the directors or coaches want to be sure someone is there to help as needed so they can continue coaching others.

Last summer's camp had several incidents of "someone going down" - to the point of  bringing in an ambulance on a couple of occasions - so the directors justifiably asked for a little help.  It does get hot out there on the turf.

It wasn't too bad really.  The "shift" was listed as 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and I reluctantly signed up, thinking, "Eegads, six HOURS?!"  But, not surprisingly, there wasn't a whole lotta response because everyone else was probably thinking the same thing.  I figured it would be an exercise in patience.

I packed a lunch and brought some tuting materials and headed over.  There, I was met by VoMo Stephanie who gave me the low-down.

"I was here the first day to be our guinea pig", she explained.  "I couldn't believe we'd need to be here for six hours".

Well, thank goodness for GPS (guinea pig Stephanie)!

Long story short, she'd figured out the schedule of things and knew when we'd be needed most.  My "Eegands, six hours?!" shift turned out to be about three-and-a-half hours with a big chunk of break in the middle.

So it was actually pretty good duty.  The weather was comfortable, I got to see how this year's show is progressing, talked with a few of the kids and parents.  Meego decided he wanted to march this year instead of play in the pit, so he's in the drum battery at "bass drum 3"

And as far as measurables go...

  • two asthma attacks
  • one popped knee

That was pretty much all the excitement.  Plus I completed nearly all of an ACT practice test.

I also learned that there is one girl in the band who is "sorta, like, allergic to the sun".   She plays clarinet and will break out in hives if  not careful.  "She got some in her mouth the other day, and we need to make sure she doesn't get them in her throat".

She was out there in long sleeves, pants, gloves, and a big hat.

Allergic to the sun, yet living in Colorado and participating in marching band.

Way to stick it to the man!  Respect!



agg79 said...

Anytime someone talks about band and and practice, I keep hearing the quote: There was the one time at band camp...

I used to think marching band was a geeky cakewalk when compared to football until my son joined marching band in high school. The first year they started practice with two-a-days in early August. Temps in the low-90s and humidity around 85%. The kids sweated like horses and the first month he lost around 20 lbs. I thought it was pretty brutal and a lot of kids dropped out but he stuck it out for all four years working his way up in ranks. That experience helped him grow out of his shell and gave him a lot of confidence. I gained lots of respect for the marching band and the parents who supported them at all of the football games and parades (we still have the matching band shirts).

Abby said...

Marching band is a big commitment - for the parents as well as the kids. I think it's a nice enrichment activity that gives kids the experience of being a necessary part of something bigger than themselves.

Having participated in both sports and band all throughout high school, I would have to say that sports are more strenuous. But they both build long lasting friendships and camaraderie. And it was work for me to not mention "this one time? At band camp?" in this blog post!

Anita said...

Smiles throughout [post] and ended on a comical note.
You're a good VoMo! I see why, based on you response to agg79.

ShadowRun300 said...

What a great VoMo you are! Much better than I. (I'm a pretty good BoMo though. *bowling mom* )
But just because I never volunteer doesn't mean I don't see the importance in it. I was in band myself through my high school career and absolutely loved it. I know my kids did/do too. Even band camp. (Let's say it together... This one time? At band camp? .... You can't help but not!)

LL Cool Joe said...

You are one of the cool moms aren't you? There are always those Dads and Mums at Sports days at the kids school that volunteer and do so much. I wasn't one of them.

And asthma attacks can be serious! My partner is asthmatic and even with an inhaler we've had some scary moments!

Abby said...

I don't mind a bit of VoMoing, and these band kids are a pretty good bunch.

Abby said...

You go, BoMo! (couldn't help it)
I loved marching band in high school too. There was this one time? at band camp...?

Abby said...

I was just saying to another mom yesterday at the potluck - it's always the same faces. There are band moms I've known since our oldest kids were in elementary school.
And you're not kidding about those asthma attacks! Those kids know just what to do and, everyone springs into action. Soon, it's back to business as usual, and I'm left all, "OMG!!"

Sparkling Red said...

That girl must be hardcore into band. I don't want to spend all day out in the sun marching around, and that's just because I don't like to sweat.
I'm impressed by your volunteer spirit!

Abby said...

She actually has a really happy-go-lucky attitude. It's refreshing, and reminds me I should quit my whinin'.

Ramzu Zahini said...

The band... Erm. I can never be good in music and i was envious of those who can play the instruments.
Seems fun though and even if i hate sports and the sun, i may enjoy people watching there :)
Vomo, thats something to remember.