Wednesday, July 27, 2016

telling me you love me while you're looking away

No more words, I'm thinking.  Wordless Wednesday sounds good about now.

We're winding down the semester at summer school, which means grand finale assignments.  I've enjoyed my class, but it's involved a lot of writing.  I do enjoy writing, hence this here blog, but so many words...  And unlike most of my other classes, I haven't got to embellish with cute little charts or tables or diagrams.  This one's just werdz, werdz,  and more werdz.

So on with Wordless Wednesday, which taken literally, is too challenging for me.  Look at all these words, and no picture yet.

But I do want to warn, some may find these images disturbing, so be glad for the above ramblings.

See, I've come across a mysterious thing in the back yard among the usual cat carnage.  Have I mentioned we've had a bumper crop of bunnies this year?  Have I mentioned  how much the cat likes hasenfeffer?  It's good huntin' and good eatin' 'round here.

Okay, on with the images.  I came upon a murder site and saw something I don't recognize:

I've included my work glove as a size reference.  See the bunny foot?  This indicates that this particular meal was a juvenile bunny, maybe just a kid, barely out of bunny preschool.  They sound EXACTLY like squeaky dog toys as they're being murdered.  It's awful.  Should I save the foot for luck?  I don't think it was lucky for the bunny.

What I'm really interested in is the Mystery Thing.  I don't recall seeing such a thing among other murder scenes I've had the luxury of cleaning (or in some cases, going "ew", and leaving alone...).  It's clearly a part of the carnage as there's a few tufts of fur still attached.

Here's another, smaller view.  Feel free to make it grotesquely larger by clicking it:

I did a quick google image search on "rabbit innards", and think it might be a stomach.  It's a bit squishy - like a marshmallow with a hard plastic coating, if there were such a thing.  It seems kinda big, though, to be a stomach of this little kid bunny.  Ya think?

Or maybe I'm thinking about it way too much.

...and writing too many words for Wordless Wednesday.


ShadowRun300 said...

I was eating when I first read through this. Thank you.
And I can't get over Napolion's hunting expertise. I look at my cats, even Gracie, the mean one, and can not picture them eating anything but their canned pâté.
Glad you're classes are winding down. Hopefully you'll get a little break before the next ones begin!

Abby said...

I don't really know how he flushes them out, I only find out during the "squeaky toy" phase. I think it's part hunting prowess and part message to us that he wants canned Pâté

LL Cool Joe said...

Excuse me while I puke. And thank you for adding the garden glove as a size reference. It looks like a shot from Criminal Minds.

Abby said...

Consider it a cleansing :)
Maybe I could start a reality tv show?

Sparkling Red said...

Now I'm curious about the mystery thing! Is there a forensics lab for bunny bits that you could send the photo to for further investigation?

Abby said...

There must be a government office for that somewhere!

agg79 said...

Good to hear Napolion is doing his part to keep the wascally wabbit population in check (somehow I keep quoting Elmer Fudd for some reason). I am curious as well about the mystery object. Perhaps you should call in Colorado CSI.

Ramzu Zahini said...

You have a murderous cat in your employ.... I like it, hahaha.