Sunday, April 3, 2016

life and taxes

The sun is shining!  Spring is springing!  That cat is killing something in the backyard!

I'd say April is coming in like a lamb.  I know the lamb/lion thing is typically for March, but I'm running late I suppose.

This was a productive week, once I got out of spring break mode.  I've been feeling a bit restless because I cut back on the tuting this semester so I could focus on finishing up with school.  I find that I kinda miss the tutees, but it's nice having more flexibility in my schedule.

And speaking of being a freeloader... shout out to Magnum for completing our taxes.  He does them every year, wading through the piles of forms and instructions.  I just stay out of the way.  I did, however, walk Meego through his first experience of being a United States Taxpayer.  Yay.

Afterwards, as I strolled by Magnum among the piles of forms on the dining table, "We're done with Meego's.  What's taking you so long?"

Not nice, I know.

Another highlight this week was a visit from brother Guano!  Y'all remember  him, right?  He sends his regards.  He'd told me a while back that he got a new Mac computer that allows him to read the blog, but doesn't yet let him post comments.  So we've all had to go without his wit and wisdom here in the meantime.

Anyways, he was in Colorado for a few days this week, and he and I managed to spend some quality time on Friday.  We had some business regarding the settling of our dad's affairs and ended up practically being held hostage by this financial guy, but that's a whole 'nother story.  Nothing negative, the guy just likes to talk and talk about stuff NOBODY CARES ABOUT!!  We managed to eventually get out of there without either of us punching him in the face.

It was a nice if short visit.  Guano then traveled a couple of hours to spend time with brother Hagrid before returning home.  I'll spare the references, but these guys help me to realize how nice it is to have siblings I like and get along with.

And I realize I have no photos from the week to decorate this post with. I could show you my sock drawer.  I've been tidying, remember?  Okay, never mind.

But on that note, the tidying does continue.  Although this is how I often feel:


And there.  Now, at least I have some decorative imagery.  I should probably go clean up after the cat now.



  1. I absolutely love the cartoon! It's exactly why I don't clean.
    My hubby does the taxes too. I just sign 'em when they're done. And I always make sure I complain about doing even that. Lol
    Happy spring to you all! Glad Napolion's getting out to enjoy the nice weather.
    And good to hear from Guano! Someone teach him how to comment from a Mac! (Just because I can comment from my iPad doesn't mean I know how to do it.). Although now that I think about it - the first time I commented from here you didn't recognize it. Right? Or something like that.
    ANYWAYS... It's late and I should just stop typing now.
    Have fun tidying!

    1. Oh, I complain too. Our state asks for our driver's license number, and Magnum didn't know mine. Geez, things I gotta do!
      I know there are often issues between Macs and PCs, I know nothing.

  2. Love the GIF. That's me cleaning up after the dogs. It does make one wonder why one bothers. I'm the tax person at our house, although this year we paid to have them done because of some complications that I wasn't sure about. But I had to gather up all the receipts and expenses, yada, yada. Siblings are the best. Who else shares all those memories with you? I'm glad I get along with mine too. I don't know what I'd do without them, actually. I wouldn't have minded a pic of your sock drawer. Mine is full of little potatoes.

    1. We have one dog, but it's shedding season, so she seems more like five.
      So sorry for your socks. Maybe we should do an intervention.

  3. I knew there was a reason I don't feel like cleaning--that gif helped me to realize it. It's great you got to visit with your brother.

    1. Visiting with the brother is much better than cleaning

  4. We pay a professional to do our taxes. My hubby has a bunch of stock and investment stuff through his employer that neither of us wants to try to deal with. But he handles the gathering of all of the documentation, so that makes me the freeloader around our house.

    Hello to brother, Guano. Bummer that he can't comment. I think this goes to show that Apple is evil. (Don't tell my iPhone or iPad that I said that.)

    I have to agree with the other commenters. That gif is spectacular and SO true!

    1. I think gathering all the documentation is more than half the battle, but what do I know?
      I have an iPod nano and that's the only iDevice in the house. Chaco, our IT department is not a fan of Apple, so we're kinda "not allowed" to have any of their products.

  5. I'd been wondering about Guano and was going to eventually ask.

    Been doing a little Kondo-ing with the socks, huh? I'm getting a little jealous. I'm going to pull my book off the shelf right after I hit enter and try again!

    You've reminded me that I need to give my daughters the 5 minute lesson on the EZ form too. My husband actually had one of their W2s in with our monstrous taxes that go off to the accountant. (We pay quarterly...complicated situations...)

    When will you finish school?

    1. We are on the Kondo wagon! Surprisingly, Magnum is really getting into it too. Meego not so much... yet.

      I'm on track to finish school in December of this year. And thanks for wondering about Guano - alive and well, just silenced.