Sunday, August 2, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy August!

Meego and I had another night of Sky Sox duty last night.  My voice is still a little rough, and I wasn't even on the register this time.  I had relatively cushy duty as a beer chick, but my vocal cords still managed to take a beating.

For one, it was a sellout crowd.  It was Avenger night!  Check 'em out:

I will say that they look a bit more formidable in the movies...

This marked Meego's and my final scheduled obligation for this summer.  I won't say I'll miss it, but there are some fun aspects - the cute kids in attendance, the camaraderie with the other banned parents and kids in the stand, and there's always something entertaining going on in the stadium.  Oh, I think there's a baseball game too.

On that note, Meego had his first week of 2-week band camp (this one time...?) this week.  It's not sleepover camp as it's just held at the high school, but sounds like it's been fun and productive.  Meego will be in the pit for marching band, playing the bass - which he prefers to marching around with a baritone.

Chaco graced us with his presence yesterday, just stopping by.  He's having a good summer - enjoying his job and his bicycling adventures.  Both he and Wolfgang (along with the guy at the bike shop) are lobbying hard for me to get cycling shoes.  I already have clipless pedals as Alice was wearing them when I freed her from spin class hell.  Maybe... maybe...

In other gadgetry news, Potato, Meego's computer, has been suffering some health problems that have mainly been swept under the rug.  This weekend, he's getting some TLC.  I'm not sure if Potato will be restored to his original performance strength, but it's nice to see some brotherly problem solving.  

As for me, I've kinda been enjoying the time off from school, but can tell it will get old soon.  I've got one tutor student who keeps my brain somewhat engaged, but other than that - sloth city.  I honestly don't know how the potheads do it.



terri said...

Those Avengers don't look too intimidating. They look like they're always up for a good time though.

Funny how the actual ball game seems to be an afterthought in your mind. That's how I always feel at sporting events. The people watching tends to be so much more entertaining for me.

Cycling shoes ... I'm guessing they're expensive? Of course with as much as you ride, I think you can justify cycling expenses.

I hope Potato regains some strength. I know how frustrating it is to have an underperforming computer. I've been messing with my mom's for a few weeks, trying to resolve a blue screen error, but... I can only ever seem to temporarily fix it. I think I'll be shopping for a new computer for her soon.

Abby said...

There was some Avenger story going on in snippets throughout the game. The concessions area is tucked back up and behind the stands, so we can't really watch the game much *erm* if we wanted to.

Yeah, the thing with the cycling shoes - they clip together with mating pedals and make for more powerful pedaling with less effort. I've avoided getting any because they're crap for walking around in, and sometimes I want to get off and walk around! Alice came with the special pedals, so I've already got half the "system" and should just get some shoes already (Chaco talking...).

I'm thinking Potato may have gone past his shelf life. Good luck with your mom's!

ShadowRun300 said...

I don't know why, (well, maybe I do...) but strapping my feet to the pedals of my bike sounds pretty scary. You're such a pro, though. Maybe it IS about time.
I'm like you. I can take being a sloth for a little while, but too long of slothdom, and I get antsy.
Sorry to hear about Potato. But heartwarming to see big brother helping him out.

Abby said...

Chaco, Wolfgang, and bike shop guy all say that the shoes are easy peasy to clip in and out of. Booby trap? Plus, I have my nonconformist reputation to uphold.

Rock Chef said...

Talking of PC troubles, my laptop has been really slowing down for some time so I switched it to Windows 10. Runs like a dream again!

Abby said...

My PC keeps asking me to get Windows 10. I'm waiting for the collective "all clear". I'll file your assessment! I don't think that will help Potato, however.

Riot Kitty said...

I love the Avengers theme! We just saw Ant Man, and I was disappointed that there were no "size matters" jokes.

Abby said...

I haven't seen Ant Man yet, but yeah, sounds like they missed an opportunity!