Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday! Not that it matters what day it is...

Happy Friday, but it's my second or third official day of break, so I'm not really paying attention!

Wednesday night, we got a dusting of snow, and yesterday morning I was out in the backyard with China when I noticed a bunch of critter tracks like this:

Cute huh?  About three inches long and all over the place.  The photo was taken next to China's food dish.  Note:  China was an outdoor dog when we first got her.  She and our other dog, Domino, had a barn and a dog run.  She has since become a lazy indoor dog, but she won't eat inside.  Against her religion or something.  Anyway...

These tracks, I wasn't sure what they were.  Fox maybe?  I googled and have narrowed it down to two possibilities:  raccoon or big skunk.  

I sure hope it's raccoon.

Unless it has rabies.

Now I'm off to run a few errands.  Good news - my leg warmers arrived this week and were bestowed upon me on Wednesday!  That was quicker than I expected.  I'ts fun to win stuff!

Gonna go road test them now :D.
UPDATE:  I'm back.  

free legwarmers!



ShadowRun300 said...

Wow! That was fast! And just in time, it looks like!
Those foot prints almost look like little kid hand prints. Not sure I'd want to run into that critter.... ever.
I'm so jealous of your sun! We haven't seen it in weeks, and I'm startin' to feel the effects. Share?

Jimmy said...

I'd say they are raccoon tracks :) that was fast getting the leg warmers I bet they make the rides a bit more comfortable.

Abby said...

We had one day this week with little sun. I was such a baby about it! I'm weak that way. I'm doing my best to share.

I'm 98.64% certain those are raccoon tracks. I'm still kinda hoping it's baby Sasquatch, though.

Abby said...

I think you're right about the tracks, Jimmy. And I love the leg warmers! Who knew they were so magical??

terri said...

We have some experience with racoons. That's my guess!

You're enjoying some well-earned time off. Nice that you got to get out with Alice (at least I think that's Alice) and test out the new leg warmers.

Abby said...

Yes, that's Alice. I think you're also correct about the raccoon!

Guano said...

Long ago, we noted racoons getting into our garbage cans. One night we put the cans right outside our front door so we could bust 'em in the act. When we heard the usual rustling, we opened the door -- Man, those 'coons were the size of bear cubs!!

Snazzy gams.

Ginny said...

I love finding critter tracks! So cute.

Abby said...

I was a bit spooked by the size of those tracks and can imagine the bear cubness!

Abby said...

Raccoons are so stealth! But not very good at getting rid of evidence.

Riot Kitty said...

Cuuuute! They look like raccoon prints. Because they have thumbs.

agg79 said...

Fox? Sure those weren't bar tracks? You are up in bear country, right?

Never know what critter shows up in the dark of night.