Saturday, November 29, 2014


Since I'm on a break from classes this week, I thought I'd get out the art toys and see what the prompt was over at Illustration Friday.

The prompt is "wobble"!  Wobble?

So I drew this guy, imagining him as a Black Friday shopper, leaning along the wall, waiting for the doors to open so he can rush in and grab those headphones he really wants.  Wobbly?

I'm not much of a doorbuster.  I'm not even much of a shopper in general, let alone the competitive shopping that goes on for Black Friday.  But we did go to Best Buy on the evening of Thanksgiving.  Chaco says, "We already ate.  We should go to Best Buy, come home, and eat again".  Sounded like a plan.

So happens, there's a Best Buy about a mile away from our house.  It was nice out, so we went for a post Thanksgiving meal walk, and Best Buy was our destination.  By the time we got there, they'd been open for about an hour or so already.

There was much pushing and shoving.  I got into it with some byotch over a GPS watch.  She punched me good in the mouth, but I gave a knee to the liver that left her writhing on the floor. I'll see the dentist on Monday, but I got the dang watch!

Okay, not really

It was pretty crowded, but I didn't mind since I wasn't really shopping.  Chaco was hunting for a deal on a mouse, and Wolfgang "saved" a bunch on a game controller.  Magnum, Meego, and I went and looked at exciting appliances.  As crowded as the store was, nobody was shopping for appliances.

The good news is, we didn't buy anything.  The bad news is, we still have our big clunky TV.

And really, I was just there for the people-watching, and everyone was pretty well behaved.  Even the employees seemed happy to be there.   Probably because of the holiday pay.

Then, as planned, we walked back home and ate.  Again.  Leftovers?  What leftovers?



Anonymous said...

You needed to work off some of your meal to make room for another, so why NOT stop in at Best Buy? Add a punch and a kick here or there, and you've earned yourself some more pie. Had you lugged the TV there... well, you probably wouldn't have been able to lift anything after that, much less a fork.
Love your wobbly drawing. I've missed your Illustration Fridays.

Jimmy said...

After our Thanksgiving meal Cindy and a couple of the relatives decided it would be a good idea to go to Wally World, I don't like Wally World on a good day so needless to say I skipped the trip.

All I can say is at least you got the GPS watch ha ha

Jimmy said...

Got ahead of myself there, I do like the drawing you did, you definitely brought the wobble to life..Well Done

terri said...

It's been a while since you've done an Illustration Friday piece. Nice one! I think I would have been wobbly had I gone shopping after Thanksgiving Dinner. But I had no desire to do so.

Too bad you didn't get rid of the big T.V. But at least you were able to walk off that turkey dinner!

Abby said...

It is nice to be able to walk there - walking with a mission rather than just wandering the neighborhood. Plus, no battles for parking leaves more energy for throwin' down in the store!

Abby said...

Egads, I totally avoid walfarts from mid-november to mid-January!

Abby said...

I had fun making Mr. Wobbly, and it was nice to dust off the toys. Now, I'm trying to psyche myself up to hit the grocery store, but I'm wobbling!

agg79 said...

I totally avoided any of the big box stores after Turkey day week! Really didn't want to get into MMA match over some dvd player or 54 inch LED TV. There was quite a scuffle up the road from us at our local wallyworld over said 54 inch TV that mad youtube. One woman was clinging onto the tv like a surf board. At least you got some exercise to walk off all that tryptophan, even though the 5k should have made up for it.

Love the illustration - especially how you drew his shadow on the brick wall behind him.

Riot Kitty said...

I wish I could draw - he is very cool! You couldn't pay me to go shopping before...hmm..never sounds good.