Sunday, September 21, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

The autumnal equinox is scheduled to hit tomorrow night.  I'm ready!

In the meantime, this was another lovely and productive week.  I mentioned giving some much needed TLC to bicycle Bella, so I want to give a shout out to Youtube.  Gosh, it makes such things cheap and easy.

I particularly like the Global Cycling Network for their thorough and informative videos.  But honestly, I just love their accents.

We also got Meego's new computer, Potato, up and running.  This will certainly help propel his education into the 21st century!  As I glance over my shoulder to see what he's doing.... it appears to be some race car video??  Well... TOMORROW!

Speaking of technological progress, we watched The Machine and liked it.  It's a bit dark and creepy, but well done.  It could happen.

At P.E.O. this week, we had a nice visit from our state prez.  I realized that I've learned quite a few of my new sisters' names now.  I also got a decent job repping Cottey College, a women's college that P.E.O founded and still owns.  I'll be the Cottey rep at one of our local high schools.

I am still dealing with the after effects from the latest bee sting.  It's like the bee venom causes this buildup of jello-like substance underneath my skin that just goes wherever it can.  I've had this nice gelatinous pudge between my chest and belly button for most of the weekend, and it seems to be abating some now.

It still itches, and I'm using mind-over-matter techniques to deal with the burning.

Spongebob knows how I feel!



Rock Chef said...

Yes, PCs are very educational. I have been watching a lot of a fantasyD&D spoof cartoon called Doralious and Associates...

Oh I miss watching SpongeBob with the kids!

Abby said...

SpongeBob is for kids?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love YouTube. My hubby's fixed numerous things by watching a video first. Hope Bella's feeling energized once again.
Are computers used for something other than gaming? I need to tell my kids! They're missing out!
I still can't believe you've been stung three times. Bee venom is good for some things, right? Like arthritis? Just think how good your joints are going to be!

Abby said...

How did we ever fix things before YouTube?
I've heard of some people having bees sting them on purpose for supposed health benefits. If there are any, I better be reaping them!

Riot Kitty said...

You know, you're entitled to a lot more bitching about the multiple bee stings. Just sayin'.

Abby said...

Oh... I am! Just not on Sunday :)

terri said...

Judging by my kids, computers are a place to maintain your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, edit photos, watch YouTube videos and download music. Here and there, some educational activity can be squeezed in. Far as I know, none of their gadgets have names. It's my fault. I don't name my stuff. Even my new car's name didn't really stick.

I think your bees are possessed. I ate lunch outside today with a bunch of coworkers. There were plenty of bees, but thankfully no stings.

Your description of the gelatinous pudge makes me think of Stretch Armstrong. Maybe you've got some new stretchy superpowers thanks to the bees?

Abby said...

My oven doesn't have a name. Maybe that accounts for my shortcomings in the kitchen?

The gelatinous pudge is exACTLY like Stretch Armstrong. I can push on a section of it, and the dent stays for a while. So. Weird. I haven't figured out how to stretch, though.

Rebecca S. said...

I got a wasp sting this summer on the outside of my left thigh. It left me with a large and spidery rash that really hurt! (Bastherds)
Your bee sting must have hurt a lot - a rather sensitive spot!
Youtube might be helpful in repairing the brush roller that I broke on our vaccuum cleaner yesterday, come to think of it.

Abby said...

It was a sensitive spot, but of the 3 latest stings, I'd say the hand was the most bothersome. Apparently, my hands are of much more use to me than my chest *ahem*.