Friday, August 22, 2014

fad or friend?

It's moving day for Chaco and Wolfgang.  When I went to bed last night, the house was in a bit of a shambles.  This morning, it's surprisingly better.  Not great, but it's all relative.

Although they're both moving into the same building, even the seemingly bottomless pitted Ellie Mae the Element can't fit all of their crap essential dorm things in one haul, so they're going in waves.  Most of Wolfgang's things are loaded, tetris style, while Chaco's are mainly in boxes around the house.

Despite the cramped space, I wanted to show you guys my new calf sleeves, so:

I've been seeing these compression sleeves here and there for the last couple of years or so, and their population seems to be growing.  I would say that more people than not were wearing them for the half on the fourth.  I was one of the nots.  

So I was a bit curious, but not too.  Is it just a fad?  Then a couple of weeks ago, I got a special e-mail offer. I'm not usually a soft sell, but I jumped right on my special e-mail offer... because it made me feel special?

Soon I received my goods from Pro Compression, and I've gotta say I felt a noticeable difference, and more than just a friendly leg hug.  The product information states:

"PRO Compression works against gravity by helping your vascular system increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery.

Heh, at my age, they had me at "works against gravity".

Since I prefer to run sockless, I really like the sleeve design.  I've run with them twice  now, and I'll give them 5 stars.  I just got a second set, on sale from a different brand as it's too soon to stimulate brand loyalty, to rotate.  I use mine for running, but I can certainly see how they would be helpful for any activity that requires a lot of time on one's feet.

Anyone else added these to their unmentionables drawer?  



Anonymous said...

Love that your propped up on boxes. We're living tetris style too! :)
Maybe if someone finds me special, I'll try a pair. Not sure I'd spend any money on 'em yet, especially after buying two pairs of shooz just recently. Then again, I'm all for defying gravity and increasing blood flow. But do they make you hot(ter)?

Abby said...

If not for the special offer, who knows if I would've gotten around to getting some? I haven't worn them in really hot conditions, but so far, the material seems very breathable. My second pair is white, so maybe that will help? Even though they look like support hose? Which they kind of are?

Ginny said...

I know this is about the compression socks but i'm digging those shoes.

Guano said...

I'm going with "fad". I have, however, noticed a lot of competitive runners wearing what I thought were knee-highs (like, are the '70s back?). Maybe I'll go with "performance enhancement of questionable integriy, likely to stir drama and controversy".

Oh, and nothing works against gravity. Just the opposite, actually: Gravity works against EVERYTHING. How dare they question Newton! "Leg hug" would be a much better ad campaign.

Abby said...

Oh, okay! I'll let them know :)

Abby said...

The thing that beats me with a stick is the price. As much as a pair of full tights? Maybe some don't think they're true unless they cost like an anti-gravity device. Good thing I'm special, or I wouldn't question Newton so openly.

agg79 said...

Nice gams. I've seen a few of the hard core marathoners going for compression sleeves but I wasn't sold on the benefit of them. They even have a few vendors selling them at the Health Expo prior to the marathon - promoting them as good for circulation, reducing injuries. Not sure if they are fad or not, but, hey, if they work for you, great. Interesting concept, but I am not sure they would really improve my running. Besides, if I tried on a pair, I'd probably look like somebody stuffed a turkey leg into a sock.

Abby said...

I think they help a little, somehow, but not worth the full price. Since I ordered my first special pair, they're offering me the same deal again "for a limited time". Isn't that how drug dealers work?

lotta joy said...

I thought: "Are those YOUR legs???" I couldn't stop staring at the hairy legs until I realized my computer screen was dirty. I've been meaning to clean it for weeks, and now I MUST.

Abby said...

In the future, if you see anything hairy or otherwise unsightly here, let's just blame your computer screen.

lotta joy said...

DEAL! I tell ya, I was shocked until I saw all these flakes of lint on my screen. lol OMG. It looked so real!!

terri said...

Interesting! I haven't ever seen them before. Of course, I'm not really spending time with any serious runners and I tend to run myself in the morning, in the dark, so I don't actually see much of anything other than the path ahead of me. I've had a constant feeling like a muscle pull in my right calf since I started running again, though. Wondering if a pair of compression sleeves would relieve that.