Sunday, July 6, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy 4th of July weekend, and there's still some left!

We were supposed to have a neighborhood block party, but it was cancelled at the 11th hour.  The family that was organizing it cited last minute conflicts (a.k.a the AbbyNormals said they're bringing baked beans - cancel the party!!)

So it was a rather subdued evening.  We staged a game night that mainly included China cowering under the table and Napolion meowing incessantly because he probably wanted to go outside and slaughter whatever was causing all the racket.  Apparently neither pet has any appreciation for their freedoms.

It was a nice all around week, the highlights of which were a few quick visits with brother Guano and family.  They were around for a few days, but busy busy,  so I only snagged a couple of snippets, but all good.  And the snippets included catching up with a couple of good friends from the growing up days as well.

Additionally, it was nice to get our kids together with their Guano cousins for a bit of socializing.  I didn't get any photos from this visit, but I found this one of Wolfgang and Guano's oldest from... what... just a couple years ago, I think?

 I also got a new computer this week!  More on that later.  We're still in the awkward getting-to-know-you stages, but things are progressing nicely

The Half on the Fourth was fun, although a bit hot and smelly.  The course followed a creek the entire way - nothing like nearly 2 hours of creek bed smell in the middle of summer! 

Some photo galleries are starting to pop up on the internet, and I found this shot from the local news.  It was taken at the last hobo bridge underpass, about a half mile from the finish.


Nice way to celebrate the holiday and scope out some possible future housing prospects at the same time!


Riot Kitty said...

Wow. You are definitely a better person than I am. Heat + running for me are a no deal.

Anonymous said...

Hobo Bridge Underpass, Colorado. I think I've found my new home! How convenient that it's on a running path.
Happy long 4th of July to you too! Sounds like it was a great weekend. It's always nice to catch up with Guano, I'm sure, but sorry the neighbors weren't willing to try your baked beans. Bet they made a great game night snack!
And love the pic of the kids! Amazing how much they change in a few short years.

Abby said...

Well, I don't know if "better" is the right term...
Honestly, I'd rather run in the cold.

Abby said...

It's a very convenient location! In a natural setting with a semi-private bath for the daily ablutions!
We were all lamenting how fast these kids have grown up.. and yet we haven't changed a bit! :P

agg79 said...

Cute picture of the kids. Looks like they were already planning their escape.

Too bad they cancelled the festivities. I'm sure the AbbyNormal beans would have been the talk of the town.

Nice shot of the run. You look like you are just coasting down the final stretch. I never have been overly fond of my running pictures - I either look like I am dying or have some goofy expression.

Abby said...

They do look like they're planning an escape! "Wolfgang, I'll climb on your shoulders and build a stuffed animal landing pad!"

That photographer - I thought he was a hobo... with a nice camera.

terri said...

Your Fourth of July sounds pretty similar to ours, complete with cowering dog.

Cute throwback picture of the kids!

Great picture of you running. Almost looks like an advertisement!

Abby said...

I think there were plenty of cowering dogs on the 4th. Either that or drugged!

Guano said...

Hey, aren't those kids in college now? They sure take 'em young, eh?

Time flies like an arrow
(Fruit flies like a banana)

Abby said...

Yup, and...
Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.

Rebecca S. said...

I like how the photographer captured you slightly above the ground!

Abby said...

I wish I could say that I "flew" through the course, but really it was just good timing on the photographer's part.