Sunday, April 27, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Well, it's been a busy and - I think - productive week!

It started last Sunday when we went to Magnum's sister's for Marijuana Day Easter.  She and her husband live just a little over 10 miles from us, but we don't see them all that often.

Magnum isn't particularly close with her (politics!), and she and I drifted apart about 10 years ago when she married a new guy - who turned out to be not so new ifyaknowwhaddimsayin' - after a bit of homewrecking drama for her daughter.  Nothing against the new guy, just the circumstances.

But time heals and people mature and I've noticed her making efforts to socialize with us more.  So when she called to invite us over, I was glad when everyone said yes, although it's pretty easy to get Chaco and Wolfgang to play along when there's lots of good food involved.

She cooked a lovely crown roast that I doubt would even fit in my smallish oven.  I realized that having a smallish oven helps to take the blame for some of my lacking skills in the kitchen.

In other news, Meego had his first track meet for the season this week.  He ran the mile, the 800 meters, the 4 x 200, and threw the discus.  He's not a big contender in any of those events, but nice variety, no?

The main thing is, he's having fun.  Save the vomit inducing pressures for high school.

The weather today is total crap.  Windy, cold, cloudy, drizzly.  In true silver lining form, I'm trying to stay positive with the we-need-the-moisture mantra that is so popular on days like today.  

Also, I went for a chop job at the hair salon yesterday.  Actually, I went for a nice haircut and ended up with a chop job, but hair grows, right?   Don't anyone dare me to do the buzz cut.  At this point, I'm actually tempted...(but won't)...



LL Cool Joe said...

I think 2 of us have already dared you to go for a buzz cut! :D If you've had a bad hair cut you may as well right?

Abby said...

Yes, the timing of the buzz dares and the subsequent chop job is not good. Don't tempt me Joey!! But since the air is so darey, when you gonna show us your butt tattoo?? (See what I did there?)

terri said...

HEY! Maybe if MY family celebrated Marijuana Day, there'd be a lot more peace and love! :-)

Glad to hear you had a tolerable holiday with Magnum's sister and family.

Kudos to Meego for participating in so many events. He's sure to become a standout in at least one of them. After all, the track gene seems to run in the family.

Lots of rain here too. Looks like it's sticking around all week long.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what a ball cap is for? I'd wear mine daily if I could.
How nice that your in-laws are making an effort. And it was nice that your family complied. And good food to boot? How could you pass it up?
I like that Meego is trying out many different events. Who knows? As he 'grows' he may lean towards one or the other or the other and really shine! :)

Guano said...

Rekindle some relatives, lose some hair. That's a fair trade, from a karma point of view.
And good on Meego for haulin' the mail!

Rock Chef said...

Guy walks into a barbers.

"I want may hair cut like George Clooney's."


He sits down and before he knows it the barber has given him a Grade 1 buzz cut.

"That's not what George Clooney gets!"

"Would be if he came in here!"

Abby said...

And sis-in-law even threw in some catnip for Napolion. Herbs.

Abby said...

Ball cap, bandana, beenie... yes, I have options.

Abby said...

I did a bit of DIY on the hair. No one's the wiser :P

Abby said...


agg79 said...

Go for the buzz. I dare ya! It may help shave off a few minutes on your next 10k.

Sounds like an interesting time with SIL and her family. Family - it's the one of the main reason people wind up leaving home.

Abby said...

Alternately, when I don't make the PR, I can blame my hair. That I'm keeping.

Riot Kitty said...

Similarly, I have an in-law within driving distance that I see less often than my parents in the Midwest.

Anita said...

Ohh, the family drama. Got a similar case of "not so new" in my family, too.

I agree. Let the adorable Meego have fun. :)

No chop job pic?