Saturday, April 12, 2014

got in a quickie this morning

Yep, a 5K.

The university held it's 13th annual "Bash the Bluffs" 5K to raise money for campus recreation in memory of a renowned former professor of exercise science.  I read about it in a bathroom stall, and decided to sign up a couple of days ago.  Since my last "race" was that slow steady half-marathon, I thought a quick and dirty 5K sounded like fun.

The event page said:

"...the unique course topography providing scenic views of the UCCS campus, the city of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and the front range of the Rocky Mountains. This hilly course is challenging for runners, but is stroller and dog friendly for walkers"

DANG, they weren't kidding about that "hilly" and "challenging"!  In fact, I think I was so busy being challenged by the hills that I missed the scenic views, but I'll take their word for it.

Official results aren't in yet, so I don't know how many entrants there were.  It was a relatively small event, though.  300 to 400 runners I'm guessing.  And it was a nice morning for it.  Temperatures in the low 50's with partly cloudy skies.

I started out pretty good.   The lead males established their alpha pace right away, and I found myself in a pack with one female ahead of me.  I managed to pass her at about the one-mile point, but then another girl took me over a short while down the road.  About a half-mile later, another fiesty one passed me.  We ended up holding those positions until the end.

What is my top?
Other than "Not Magenta"?

Killer Hill was shortly after the halfway point.  I had girl #1 and girl #2 both still in my sites.  They were both wearing magenta tops.  Hmm... maybe that's their secret.  Magenta tops.  Anyways, I used the magenta targets to will me to the crest of Killer Hill.

I managed to suck wind long enough to hold onto the 3rd place female finish.  First for the old ladies.
Unofficial time of 22:35.

So it was a fun start to the day, and I got some nice loot:

Long-sleeved t-shirt, flashlight / keychain, coupla coupons (chiropractor, running store), and for turd place, a dinner for two at a local steak house and a small certificate with my name surprisingly spelled correctly.  Magnum suggests I do more races so we can eat out more often.  We have yet to use our dinner from the Rescue Run.

And the forecast for tomorrow is cold and snow and cold cold.  Run and be merry today, for tomorrow we freeze!


Rebecca S. said...

You'll wear magenta next year, Abby! Congratulations! I'm impressed. I certainly don't run with anything resembling speed. I'm more of an endurance runner. My husband is way faster, but I can go longer. Nice swag, too.

terri said...

Way to go! Color me impressed, from the spur of the moment decision to run, to tackling the hills to finishing strong!

Now take that hubby of yours out and celebrate (for free!)

Larz said...

Fun! Liam and I are going to try some 5ks this year I think. I'm not much of a runner, but I've been working up to it these past few weeks. I think I could handle it.

Abby said...

I'm wearing magenta as I type!
I think women in general are built more for distance. Men are faster at shorter distances. Probably goes back to prehistoric times when men had to run after (or from) the food while were making back-and-forth trips doing laundry and stuff.

Abby said...

It seemed every time I used a bathroom at school, that "Bash the Bluffs" poster was staring at me. Okay already!

Abby said...

Oh, do! They're fun, popular, abundant, and don't take a whole lot of prep. And they're usually for good causes too. I KNOW you can handle it!

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of morning quickie!
Congrats on a great run! I find it hard to imagine having a hillier course than what you're already used to. Your "normal" hills are a killer for me.
A few more runs and you'll be able to feed the entire family - albeit all in separate restaurants. ;)

Abby said...

When I read that course description, I thought "oh, hilly schmilly", and it was pretty much that way until Killer Hill. I don't think I'd even want to push a stroller up that one! But it WAS strangely fun, knowing we were all in the same torture together. Go get you a quickie!

Riot Kitty said...

Hey congratulations!! I was just thinking, "Hmm, it must be warm there if she's in that outfit," then read about impending snow.

Guano said...

Nice quickie -- I'm spent just reading about it! And just wait 'til you move into the next, "older lady" age bracket; you'll be untouchable!

Way to start the morning off right.

Abby said...

The impending snow has begun in fits and starts - "farts" for short.

Abby said...

Ima try!

Judy said...

Are you kidding??? Under 23 minutes for a 5K? That is NOTHING to sneeze at! Muy impresivo!!!!

Abby said...


Muy gracias :D

Anita said...

Hills are a nice challenge. This spoken from someone how hates running them. But I do. Heave Ho - Gasp gasp - cough cough. All the while hoping that I'm adding another day to my longevity.

Way to go, AbbyAbbyDoo!