Sunday, March 9, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm sitting here snacking and catching up on blog reading while Reese is munching on some fine mouse next to me.  He's starting to come out of his brumation, realizing that spring is on the horizon.  He's spent most of the winter sleeping and not eating, but a couple of days ago, he shed his winter skin, and today, he nearly took Meego's hand off when going after that mouse.

Herppy Love

I set out on bicycle Bella to pick up Reese's takeout earlier today.  The mouse store is about a mile and a half from home, but my bike ride GPS app confirms I took the looooooong way.  Such a nice day out!  I'm decidedly not a fan of moving the clocks ahead for daylight saving time, but I guess I like that extra hour of sunlight... for now.

In addition to the signs of spring, this was a nice week.  It was midterms at school, so tensions were high.  I did fine, and it's nice to have them finished until the next round of exams.  

Wolfgang swung by yesterday for a haircut (and food, and repairs on his longboard...). and it's always nice to get a visit from either of the college boys.  

So Happy Spring, everyone!  I know it's not official on the calendar, but if I'm springing my clock forward and spinning the mattress, we get to say it.  


terri said...

That Reese looks like an affectionate little guy! Meego seems pretty comfy being cuddled by a snake.

I'm happy to latch on to any sign of spring too. Our temps are on the rise here, even though I'm sure it's going to take some time for the mountains of snow to melt. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

I like the extra hour of light too, but waking at 1:45 AM today was pretty rough.
Good morning to Reese! He feels about the mouse the way I feel about pancakes. Glad Meego still has his hands.
And I'll jump on the Spring bandwagon with you. Perhaps if we all just start assuming it's Spring, we can convince Mother Nature that it is.

Abby said...

It was really nice here this weekend, but snow is forecast for the rest of the week. March pffft :P

Abby said...

Reese really went after that mouse. It was probably not enough and I was thinking we should offer seconds. My karma's already shot anyway.

Riot Kitty said...

Good Lord, I forgot you had a snake and for a moment I thought, "Who the fuck is eating a MOUSE?!"

Rock Chef said...

Yep, spring is certainly here - we have birds nesting in the front garden. Glad we sleep at the back, as they are Blackbirds and make a hell of a noise when they have babies!

Anita said...

Lovely to come here and catch up on my snake stories.
By the way, (I'm sure you've mentioned it before) what kind of snake is Reese and what's his life expectancy? Is Reese a boy?

Abby said...

Reese is a boy King Snake. Don't know the life expectancy. Hmmm... maybe I should find out??

LL Cool Joe said...

Yep we've had a wonderful week of dry sunny weather here in the UK and it's been so good. The daffodils are out and the birds are chirping. Long may it last.