Sunday, March 2, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Whew, almost didn't make the Sunday silver liningness deadline!  But have no fear, I'm too anal well-ordered for such a crisis.

See, my Father-in-Law in-laws (I have a separate set of in-laws on the Mother-in-Law side, oh joy...) came to visit.  So we had a family gathering, managing to get Chaco and Wolfgang to join the fun.  Fun is in italics because things usually escalate to a roar when they visit, and this visit progressed as usual.

I wasn't involved, I had a paper to write, so had a good excuse to be somewhat anti-social.  Then I was catching up with Chaco and Wolfgang too (they were no part of the roaring either), so didn't get a whole lot of paper writing done.  Meego joined us to seek sanctuary from the roaring.  I ended up rescuing China too. Napolion managed pretty well on his own.

So yeah, nice day!

Chaco requested a haircut, and then I requested a group photo.  A serious photo was out of the question.  Chaco wants to always look like an unsmiling assassin in his photos, Meego and Wolfgan prefer to wing it.

Really, I mainly wanted a shot of Chaco's THE LODGES shirt.  I'm thankful that the various propaganda is helping to clothe my children.

Nice week too.  For one, the weather was pretty agreeable.  I actually got Alice, the fair weather bicycle, out for a romp to school one day.  I went jacketless!  I wore the flowery gloves with no fingers!

And after weeks of saying, "no", I took on a new tutor student this week.  Things are going pretty swimmingly with classes, so what the heck.  Plus, she's the younger sister of a boy I tutored two years ago, so it was all the more difficult to refuse.  So she showed up for our first session, and she actually brought the box of goodies (flash cards) I'd  LOANED  to her brother and forgot to get back from him.

And we're at mid-terms already for this semester.  Yay for being nearly halfway through!  Boo for exams!  Well, no, even the exams are okay.  I'm trying to operate in teacher mode, to see things form their side, and it's all good.  But I also really like my instructor who "doesn't believe in exams".   Okay!  (Seriously??)



Rock Chef said...

I don't believe in exams either to be honest!
And you have a double dose of in-laws? You must have been a terrible person in your previous life! :-)

LL Cool Joe said...

The mother-in-law I can handle, actually she's very cool, it's my mother I have the issues with. Glad you survived.

Love the photo including the glowing hoodie. ;D

agg79 said...

Love the glowing hoodie.

Your family gathering sounds like a three ring circus complete with all the animal acts and clowns. We are planning on a mini family reunion of sorts down on the coast this weekend. Not as noisy as yours but it is stacking up to be a regular hoedown.

Ms. CrankyPants said...

If the glowing hoodie were part of THE LODGES Collection, I'd be concerned about all of those items and probably suggest not drinking out of their vessels. Thankfully, it's not.

Go, Napolion! (That's from ours; he's always rooting for his Colorado, same-named pal.)

Riot Kitty said...

Extra in-laws? God help me, I'd start drinking again.

Anonymous said...

The in-laws have in-laws? Mercy. Hope you've recovered.
I'm very familiar with the unsmiling assassin look. Got a couple of those in my fam too. At least yours don't look like they put up a fight to pose - or maybe you just didn't mention all the grumbling that preceded the shot.
That is one bright hoodie. It could light up your running path in the morning. I'm surprised you gave it away.

terri said...

It gives me a bit of comfort to know that I have friends who suffer from the bad behavior of family. In truth, I think there are a lot of us with families like this. Doesn't make it any easier to endure when things spiral out of control. Glad you survived it without too much trauma.

Things must be going pretty smoothly if you're taking on a new tutee. And it's a testament to your abilities to have people sending more of their kids to you for help. Way to go!

Rebecca S. said...

Good looking boys! My husband looks like an assassin in most photos, especially his driver's license, so I can relate.

Anita said...

So you, the kids, and the animals left Magnum with the folks and the roaring. What were they doing... or just roaring? :)

NIce "teen" shot of the young ones. (Oops, one has left his teens.) Nice photo bomber, too.

Abby said...

Magnum and the folks were arguing over the same stuff they've argued about for the 25 years I've known 'em! And yeah, the rest of us gladly left them to it. HA - photo bomber Samurai!

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