Tuesday, March 25, 2014

in the fast lane

I was waiting for my tutee yesterday afternoon.  He was late and I was sitting in our study room at the library.  It's a curious thing that this particular library has the study rooms adjacent to the children's library, and the study rooms have big floor-to-ceiling windows.  Little kids often come up and press their moist little faces up against the glass as if looking at some zoo display.  I can just imagine the information plaque:

North American Tutor
praeceptor paedagogus

  • Often found in random study rooms in urban areas, dressed in layers to accommodate the ever changing climate.  
  • Males are anywhere from scrawny to over 300 pounds.  Pretty much the same for females.  
  • General markings include dry erase marker smudges and finger tip calculator callouses.  Very little makeup...

Anyway, as I daydreamed and entertained the zoo library patrons, my student showed up in due time.  He was covered in road rash and bandages.

"What happened to you?!", I greeted warmly

"Heh... longboarding accident", he sheepishly replied.

Five stitches (chin) and a tetanus shot for good measure later, he was raring to go.  I commended him for his study of friction since we were doing science.   His scraped appearance made for a good showing of the tutor display for the kiddos too.

In other news, I came across Bike Lady this morning.  I don't see her as often since retiring from the Crossing Guard Force.  I do catch her occasionally when our bike paths meet, but that hasn't been as often this semester.  So I sometimes wonder if she's still fighting the good fight.  By the way, the crossing guard who replaced me is a mom I know from PTO days and a very capable replacement.  Just wanted to note that since I'm sure readers were concerned.

Anyways, I was out enjoying a run this morning.  As I came over the crest of a hill on the pedestrian/bike path,  I saw a bicyclist headed in my direction.  At first, I thought it was my commuting friend, Jeff.  I don't wear my glasses when I run, remember?  Be glad that I was at least able to tell it was a person on a bicycle.

As the distance between us closed, I recognized that it was Bike Lady.  As is typical, our "conversation" was not a long one:


So nice to catch up.


terri said...

Your student's injuries sound pretty nasty, but he seems to be taking them in stride. No pictures for your faithful readers?

Abby said...

It's his spring break too and he was scheduled to have his wisdom teeth out this week. They might have to postpone because of the road rash face. I totally should've gotten a pic or two!

ShadowRun300 said...

Loved the description of the North American Tutor. I'll be on the lookout now for some of them in my neck of the woods.
And I feel your tutee's pain... road rash hurts. I know. But from the sound of it, he's doing okay. Maybe even woulda been proud to pose for a picture....
Think you can fit in another "hey" the next time you pass Bike Lady? I feel like I know her as well as you do!

Rock Chef said...

Joe weighs 100 pounds and is riding his longboard at 25mph. He falls off on a 30 degree slope.

A) How far will he bounce and slide until he stops?
B) Will he reach the busy road at the bottom of the slope, 50 yards away?
C) If "Yes", can the 18 wheeler (30 tons, travelling at 40mph, 200 yards away) stop in time?

agg79 said...

Great description of the North American Tutor. Rare species. We don't see too many of those down here any more.

You gotta give the tutee props for showing up, injuries and all. I bet that was one epic crash. I bet that was a good teachable moment - mass & velocity verses solid objects.

Abby said...

I actually think he is a bit proud of his wounds - guy thing? And yeah, I put in a quick "hey" with Bike Lady for you next time too. Can't let these bonds get loose!

Abby said...

a) It will feel like forever
b) most likely
c) tune in next time, folks!

Abby said...

Talk about sacrificing your body for science! He's a distance runner too. I think he should use the rash to psyche out his opponents (must be one of them crazy ultra runners!)

Riot Kitty said...

What is longboarding?

Abby said...

Skateboarding. The long version.

Anita said...

Our little town library has big glass windows, too. Do you think the design concern was for avoiding claustrophobia or hanky-panky?

One day you and bike lady will meet at the Target or something... that is "if" you recognize each other without bikes or running shoes.