Friday, February 7, 2014

the weirdos on the bus go round and round

Yeesh, another week it's been of the Great White North.  It's starting to abate, though, so I went out for a grocery run with Ellie Mae this morning.  She was not really in the mood, had a bit of trouble turning over.

Since I hardly never ever drive, and since Magnum usually drives the civic to work, I'm not sure of the last time Ellie Mae had to do anything.  Cold starts after several days of sitting in the frozen garage are apparently not her strong suit.

But, we got 'er done.  And in the meantime, my bicycles are probably getting square tires while sitting around waiting to be put in the game.

Meego relished two snow days in a row before going back to the grind today.  College closes for no one, however, and I fully agree with that.  It hasn't been so bad that we can't get where we need to go, but we don't need to be freezing school children.

So it was back on the Metro line for most of this week for me.  One day during the in-bound trip, the driver pulled over to pick up a couple of citizens.  We heard him say, "Can't bring that machete on the bus".

And I'm thinking, "Did he say 'machete'?"

A short conversation, which I couldn't really hear over the blasting heaters, ensued.  Then the bus was once again in motion.

With that, the guy in front of me asked, "Did you say 'machete'?"

"Yeah, guy had a machete.  Says right there on the side of the bus, he can't bring it".

I can't say as I've ever seen a "NO MACHETES"  notice on the side of the bus, but it's not like I've looked for one.

I bet he'd just bought the thing and was just going to take it home to do some bushwacking.  And after the bus left him there, he probably stuffed it into his backpack, or went and got a big bag to carry it in, then got on the next bus.

That's how I get my machete on the bus.

I betcha.

Is it spring yet?


Anonymous said...

Of course! Everyone knows that's how you get a machete on the bus Sheesh. Weirdo!
We had two snow days too, due to snow. They went back today even though the morning temp was -6 degrees. I'm glad my kids have a warm vehicle to get them back and forth.
I bet Ellie Mae was just a little groggy. You DID just wake her up from a long winter's nap. But I'm sure she was thrilled to get out and strut her stuff in the snow!

agg79 said...

What kind of public transportation system do you Coloradans have that won't let a guy bring his machete on board? Next thing you'll tell me that they are not going to let me on the bus with my pollaxe. I will assume my Bat'leth is frowned upon as well. Heathens.

Poor Ellie Mae. Neglected in that frozen garage and you expect her to be happy when you want to go out for a jaunt? I'd be cranky and slow too in those temps.

Guano said...

Impeccable timing..... Hotel cable TV had an "Untold ER Stories" show in which a couple of guys came in all sliced up. They were at a bus stop & got hacked by a guy brandishing a machete (ok, scimitar actually)! One guy's arm was hacked off!

Anyway, guess they HAD to make a rule regarding machetes on busses. Classic case of "one guy chits his pants & the rest of us gotta wear diapers".

Man there's a lotta crap on TV..........just reinforces my not-payin'-for-cable-at-home stance.

CiCi said...

Are people going to have to send their bags through xray to get on the bus some day? Sheesh. I have to admit I would not care to sit next to someone carrying a machete. Glad Ellie Mae got out and performed as needed. It is pretty darn cold here too. No liking this much after my trip to the warm place. Gads.

Abby said...

Oh yes, once she was fully awake, Ellie Mae was a frolicking fool!

Abby said...

Okay, I confess I had to look up what a pollaxe and Bat'leth were. Cool! I want some! And yes, how are macheteists supposed to get around?? They pay taxes too, right?

Abby said...

Well that's just some weird kind of synchronicity there! And I do hope they don't start making us wear diapers...

Every time we travel, I'm glad to see I'm not missing a thing by not having cable or dish, although I do rather enjoy "Swamp People"

Abby said...

Since he was so clueless and not even trying to conceal it, I'm guessing Mr. Machete didn't have any evil intentions with it - not for the bus anyway. Still, I'm glad the bus driver didn't let him on - could've made for a fretful ride to school!

Marcy said...

Weird! I think you're probably right about the backpack. I guess the guy had to get home somehow...

Riot Kitty said...

Um. Wow. Makes me think of that guy and "seven minute abs" from "Something About Mary."

We have much less snow, I am guessing, and virtually everything is closed for everyone! And I am so stealing that Star Wars caption!

terri said...

I sympathize with Ellie Mae. I feel exactly the same way when someone is asking me to go out into the cold. This winter makes it feel like we're living in Narnia, doesn't it?

I don't know why anyone would think it's okay take a machete on the bus!