Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings on this fine sunny Sunday.  Funny how we appreciate the sun so much in late January but run from it in July!  Even so, we did get a pretty snowstorm mid-week, and that's a good thing as it brought some needed precipitation.

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And I understand the mountains have plenty of snow for skiers and the all important spring runoff!

It's been a nice week.  I'm glad to be back to some sort of schedule with school starting back up again and all.  I like my classes and teachers (so far!).

I also attended a P.E.O. meeting this week in my quest to get affiliated with a local chapter of choice.  Good group of sisters there.  I'm still officially a New York P.E.O. - that's how long it's been!  Enough playing the field,  I expect to be off the Colorado market soon.

There's plenty of  Bronco hype in the air.  Honestly, I have just a passing interest in anything NFL, but it's good for stores that sell Bronco gear.  And the commentary around the big game has been fun.



Anita said...

...Super Bowl - Funny!

As for getting back to school and assessing the classes and teachers... it's occurring to me that everyone does that, regardless of what go-round you're on.

Marcy said...

I'm not into the Super Bowl either, but it must be exciting for your state. I am going to a Super Bowl party, but it'll be more chatting and snacking than watching the game. Good luck with the new semester!

terri said...

We were appreciating the sun here today as well. Gotta take note of it when you can during these winter months!

A "pretty" snowfall sounds like you got a manageable amount of snow. Glad you didn't get pummeled. I know that would really mess with your preferred method of transportation to school.

Abby said...

Every time I read that, I can hear Dr. Evil in my head!
And yes, we do scrutinize our teachers, no matter what our ages. Moreso than the curriculum, probably.

Abby said...

Football games ARE a good excuse for parties. The stores have been pretty pilfered of Bronco gear. All I've got access to at this point is some styrofoam coolers with a Bronco emblem.

Abby said...

We haven't had a winter like you've had (typical!), but I think the kids were glad to have a couple hours off school last week. And it was a good chance for me to see how well the bike path gets cleaned. Thumbs up so far!

agg79 said...

Snow? What is that?

Sorry. Had to throw in my two cents since we haven't seen snow down here since, oh, a couple of years or so. The nearest place we can go find snow is to drive up to the panhandle or New Mexico or, dare I suggest it? Colorado. Still, new fallen snow is amazing to behold. Of course, when the arctic front drop us to 25 degrees come Tuesday, we'll be singing a different tune.

Still, it sounds like a great set up for some good skiing and football weather. Should be an interesting game, given the teams. I hope they remember that pot ain't legal in New Jersey.

Riot Kitty said...

OMG, that cartoon! I didn't even think about that.

Rock Chef said...

We have rain again now, but at the weekend there was a freak thunderstorm that lasted only 5 minutes but left 200 trees flat and 10,000 houses with no electricity!

There is now talk of a freeze coming - everywhere is totally water logged, so if that freezes I hate to think what sort of damage we will be looking at!

meleah rebeccah said...

" Funny how we appreciate the sun so much in late January but run from it in July" - That IS funny, because it's true!

As for Football? Meleah + Sports = No.

Anonymous said...

We had a high of 9 today. BUT it was sunny. It certainly helps.
I'm glad that you're enjoying your new classes so far. Good to start off on the right foot. And I'm really glad your Broncos are in the Super Bowl. I was a Colts fan. Now I'm a Broncos fan. Funny how that works....
Let us know who you decide to tie the knot with!

LL Cool Joe said...

Excuse me but I never run from the sun in July. Here in the UK if you miss it you may have to wait another year before you get anymore!