Sunday, December 29, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

It's a wonderful life!  And that's not just a Christmas movie!

A fun week it was, with Christmas in the mix and all.  The tent is still up, beckoning us to spend the night again.  A new Christmas eve tradition?  This being the first annual?

But there was certainly more to the week than going all Donner Party...

For one thing, we somehow managed to win Magnum's office football pool again.  Who needs Powerball?!

Chaco came home Monday afternoon.  We've had a few rowdy game nights, gone shopping at the rowdy mall, played rowdily (word?) with new toys and such.  Maybe time to cut back on the Christmas sugar?

When Chaco went back to his apartment Friday night, I got to see it for the first time.  I've been wanting to check it out, but since it's pretty much a college bachelor pad, I didn't want to go all MOM on him with all the guys at home.

Nice digs, I must say!  It's really spacious and quite a step up from the freshman dorm (which isn't saying a whole lot).  He's got beautiful views of Pikes Peak and the city, and I think his kitchen is bigger than ours at home (which isn't saying a whole lot).  And I was impressed with how tidy and well stocked it was.

Chaco, Wolfgang, and I all got our first semester grades posted, and if we were in middle school, we'd all get bumper stickers!

Wolfgang was pet sitting a neighbor friend's cat last week.  We've sat for "Mittens" before when the family travels at the holidays and vacations.  I hadn't seen her since last Christmas.

When Wolfgang did an overnight ski trip last week, I took over Mitten duty.  I walked into the house, flipped on the light switch, and BAM:

Mittens has put on a few!  In fact, this photo doesn't really do justice to her voluptuousness.  Anyway, it was nice of her to agree to being featured today, and maybe help inspire cutting back on the Christmas sugar.   Since Kat left *sniff*, we haven't had a good fat cat pic in a while.

So a nice week, and the weather's been nice, so I even managed an easy trip to sex change town to visit with my parents for several hours.  

... and then there's this new toy, but it requires its own blog post I think.  (Plus I haven't told Tessa yet).

Here's hoping all of my blog friends have a great end to 2013 and start to 2014!




Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you had a terrific Christmas week! I like the idea of an annual Christmas Eve Donner Party. (Just maybe not so cannibalistic.) Goes well with your arctic midnight run on New Year's Eve.
Congrats on the bumper sticker achievement! Now if only you drove something with bumpers...
And do tell about the new addition!! After you tell Tessa, of course.

Abby said...

Yeah, how presumptuous of those bumper stickers to think I've got a ready spot for them! And I like the idea of a traditional Christmas Eve Donner Party too. Maybe we should pack a snack next year?

Guano said...

Schweet toy! I already dig those flat-spoke wheels.....
Say, if you're getting another bike, I might just have to get another motorcycle!

Abby said...

It had me at the spokes... and then I picked it up. OMG!!

Yeah, you should totally get another motorcycle [font:sarcasm]

Riot Kitty said...

Whoa! Is Mittens expecting?

Great sleeping bag pic btw. And yeah, anything beats a freshman dorm.

Abby said...

Maybe that's it! Mittens is OctoCat!

And I think Chaco was trying to think of a way to throw more wood on the fire without unbagging himself. I pondered that myself.

terri said...

Sounds like a great week. Nice to hear you're enjoying a break from school and having the kids around. Congratulations on the new bike! From the looks of the photo, your weather will allow you to use it soon, if you haven't already.

And holy cats! Is that a fat cat! Aw, but she's cute in her own roly-poly way.

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Two things:
1. Sex change town? I'm asking...for a friend. Really.
2. College guys/tidy and well-stocked apartment: does not compute.

Abby said...

She is so roly-poly cute. I just didn't want her to keel over on our watch! The weather is so mild, it doesn't feel like New Years.

Abby said...

1. My hometown (Trinidad, CO) was THE sex change capitol of the WORLD at one time, but isn't anymore. I'm not sure if much alteration is done there anymore. I heard the surgeon moved to California.

2. I think maybe it was staged?