Friday, December 20, 2013

lighter shade of grey

A thick fog rolled in last night.  China gets up this morning, and she's all, "Abby!  Get the camera and let's go out and take some photos of the frost before it all burns off!"

So we go out, lickety split, and I take a few shots.

That was about eight hours ago.  It still looks like this:

This is an all-day frost affair so far.  I guess Mother Nature decided to take matters into her own hands regarding our holiday decorating.

Then Wolfgang and I decided to go shopping for some needed cold weather stuff.  Uhm, it's the Friday afternoon before Christmas.  But it's cold out, so stores won't be too crowded.

HO  HO  HO  HA  HA  HA  ha  ha......

In other news, I ate a peanut product today as part of the Great Peanut Experiment.

No reaction other than I got a new zit.



  1. Ho Ho Ho! I hope your mixing in the madness was worth it; i.e. that you came home with some new cold weather stuff.

    Where's China's Christmas sweater?!

    1. I had to throw a few roundhouses, but yep, got the gear! (kidding... just a slap or two).
      China wears her sweater all over.

  2. It's been a few years since we've had frozen frost on our trees. It's SO beautiful! Maybe I'll wake up to some tomorrow.
    I'll be hittin' the stores in the next few days. My plan was to wait til everyone was done shopping and then go. I'm starting to get a bad feeling that I'm not the only one who's waiting....
    Whew! Glad it's not the peanuts. What are ya trying next?

    1. It is pretty, makes suffering the greyness not so bad. And I might try giving up the gluten next, but geez, that stuff"s in everything I eat too!
      Uhm... good shopping plan. I think everyone else is about done now... *laughing*

  3. I can't believe you have frost all day/night - while it's almost 70 degrees in NJ today.

    I want to switch weather with you. Deal?

  4. Beautiful. but all day frost is not good!
    Have a great Christmas!

  5. That is so pretty! What is the peanut experiment?