Sunday, October 27, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

This has been a week of friendly responsiveness.  I've already mentioned the very strange happenings at the DMV.  But there's even more!

Last week, I ordered a pair of warmups online and was asked to fill out the store's customer satisfaction survey afterwards.  Everything was good, except I dinged them on "delivery/tracking" because I was never able to get tracking information on my package.  Sheesh, I got an unexpected lengthy personalized response in less than 12 hours.

Yesterday, I e-mailed the help desk at my tutoring management site over some troubles with the online tools.  Again, I got a speedy personalized response.  Well, the problem's not resolved yet, but there's much to be said for a quick response.

Speaking of tuting, I finished up with Son of Cookie Lady and The Princess this week.  Their tests were yesterday.  Son of Cookie Lady was an interesting student.  He's on the autism spectrum and is very intelligent, but sometimes gets lost in tedium.  He repeatedly impressed me with his grasp of deeper meanings, but then would turn around and say something like, "Why do they ask that question?  I wouldn't ask that question.  I would ask..." or "Why do they use this word this time, but another word on that other question?"  I'm interested to learn how he did, and wonder where he will be twenty to thirty years from now.

So I'm looking forward to more time for family and school and grateful to be financially able to cut back on work.  I've said "No" three times in three weeks!  I'm having fun playing with the new camera and taking some sloth tips from Reese.

Reese says, "Lovin' my new chunk o' driftwood!"

It was also nice to enjoy a short but sweet visit from brother Guano this week, and grateful that he was able to check on our elderly parents too.

The fall weather continues to be wonderful.  A friend of mine, who enjoys running, has been nursing an injury for two weeks and hasn't been able to enjoy the lovely running conditions.  She's grumpy, but as she says, the bright side is "My Halloween costume is making itself!", reminding me that I'm grateful to be able to play outside.  



Anonymous said...

Wow. Quick responses from the DMV and two other places? Great week indeed!
Your cookie lady tutee sounds like a great kid. I hope he finds an area where he can excel. And the princess? It'd be nice to find out how she did and where she ends up in 30 years. (So I guess you'll need to keep blogging until then....)
Enjoy all your "free time"! Looking forward to seeing more pics. And please give my sympathies to your running friend and wish her a speedy recovery. I know exactly how she feels and hope she's back before your great fall weather ceases.

terri said...

Everything has become so automated and mechanical that it's a nice surprise when you realize there are real people on the other end of the help line.

Your tutoring has certainly connected you with some interesting and amazing people. I'm sure your tutees have all been positively impacted by their time with you. But I know you'll enjoy taking a step back and putting more energy into your studies.

Enjoy your fall weather. It's a great time for playing with the camera, as you've already discovered.

lotta joy said...

Have you rolled in the leaves yet? Do it while you can dear. I was always aiming to, and now we live where there are no leaves to roll in, and I'd need help getting up if I did.

Guano said...

The customer service computer I "talked to" this week was the best-faked yet. Instead of something like, "For sales, press 1", Fake Customer Service Rep Recording Guy would say things like, "Let me pull that up for you, just a moment..." and "I'm sorry for the wait, thank you for your patience".
The clinker: There were Fake Keyboard Typing sounds in the background!

Visit with you made my week! ;-)

Abby said...

SOCL will probably be a rich game designer, The Princess will have a reality TV show. Just my predictions.

Abby said...

So true! Even we as customers forget that there's real people (sometimes) in customer service.

Abby said...

I'm on it!

Abby said...

I "live chatted" today with a total faker. "We sure appreciate your loyalty!"
Didn't fool me for a second.

Rock Chef said...

I love the way kids minds work, especially when you move into the autistic spectrum. They often think and ask things that most people would not dream of thinking or asking...

Rebecca S. said...

We've had an incredible October so far, but it looks like rain for Halloween. Last year it rained all day and then stopped in time for trick or treat-ing. I'm hoping for the same for this year, not that I go out anymore, but I hate to see soggy costumes. Reese is a spiffy name for a snake.

Riot Kitty said...

Usually when I get lengthy, personalized responses in the customer service category, it's because I've been an uber bitch (or almost.) So kudos to you!

LL Cool Joe said...

One of my nieces is on the AS spectrum and sees the world in a fascinating way. Sadly she struggles to "fit in" to normal society, but maybe that's a good thing.