Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the Tuesday after

An adult human head weighs around 10 pounds, but you could've fooled me on Sunday.  I swear mine weighed 50 or so.

I suffer seasonal allergies off an on during this time of year (weeds), but they're usually something a couple snorts of Zicam can easily thwart.  Sunday, though, I woke up with the extra poundage.  I don't think it was allergies alone.  I think a cold virus snuck in and conspired with my allergies to wage a major snot war.

Really, I must've discharged about five gallons or more of the stuff throughout the day.  And that's mostly all I remember from Sunday, although I do see that I managed a blog post.

I don't remember feeling particularly "sick".  In fact, I'm pretty sure I went for a bike ride in the morning, and we did some shopping of some sort for Meego's vivarium.  But the day is all a bit of a blur because of the 50-lb. head.

Yesterday, I felt much more myself and spent most of the day engaging in cleaning house and other forms of housewifery.  So much for holiday weekends.

Today, my one class was cancelled - the university gave us an extra Labor Day day.  Something to do with keeping the MWF classes even with the TTH ones, well whatever, we had a free day.  Then the mom of my Tuesday tutee called.  The tutee had her wisdom teeth removed late last week, and her head was still throbbing.  Could we reschedule this week?

And just like that, I found myself with a Dumb Tuesday!

...not that I did anything particularly Dumb/Special.

In summary, I ran some errands, saw Chaco (he involved one of the errands), partook of a bit more of the housewifery, read some of my current novel, and had a nap.  Good times.

I thought to do some lesson planning, but then...

Yay for Dumb days.


  1. Whoa! A dumb TUESDAY? Those are almost unheard of. (Unless you're in my line of business. Come to think of it, most of my dumb days are on a Tuesday.)
    Seems like it fell at an appropriate time since your 50 lb head didn't allow for much dumbness over the weekend. At least not fun dumb.
    Mentally challenged. heehee

    1. Come to think of it, when I was a hoteler, Tuesdays were often dumb. I guess if I'm having a 50-lb head, might as well be on a holiday.

  2. I'm sure you've heard of OCEAN SPRAY that is a saline mist. (big deal) But now they make it in an air pressurized can with a nozzle. You BLAST the salt water into you sinus. And out comes all the goo. Honest. Of course you have a moment when you think you're drowning, but it works.

    1. I thought Ocean Spray was cranberry juice. You mean it has other uses??

  3. This year I have picked up a couple of things that have given the outward signs of me being really ill, while I have felt perfectly well myself! Ah well.

    Dumb Tuesdays? I like the sound of those!

    1. Hmmm, sounds like that zombie movie you recommended - Wasting Away...

  4. Sorry to hear about your hefty head! Glad to hear it passed rather quickly.

    I love an extra free day in the week. I got SO much done over Labor Day weekend. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

  5. Hope you feel better soon - I have major allergies and can sympathize. I want a dumb day!

  6. Even Einstein had his dumb days. Hope you are feeling a bit more normal by now and less like the Walking Dead...

  7. Nothing like the combination of allergy inducing weather and the challenge of changing up the life to bring on 50 pound head. This is 3 days later, so I hope things are all "clear."

    Still doing those math problems for fun? No dementia for you! :)