Wednesday, August 7, 2013


For the last few days, the weather people around here have been talking about wednesday WEDNESDAY  WEDNESDAY!!  All this hype for WEDNESDAY.

It's supposed to rain rain rain.  Flood watches and warnings.  Flash flooding in the two burn scars.  We've already seen some of that this summer, but WEDNESDAY is going to be messy.  Roads downstream from burn areas will likely be washed out.  Damaged.  Again.

I even drove Wolfgang to his carpool this morning.  They meet at Jack's house, and when it's not Wolfgang's turn to drive, he enjoys a nice 3-mile or so bike ride to Jack's house.  

But it was overcast.  It was WEDNESDAY.  It wasn't raining, not yet, but it would start any minute.  Plus, after work, it would either be pouring down or the bike paths would be flooded or both.  

Since we were up talking to the trees over the weekend, I didn't do an Illustration Friday.  I was just going to skip, but I kinda started having withdrawals.  Then we had all the weather people screaming about Wednesday.  I chose to illustrate this week's prompt, "Hybrid" for a rainy day activity.

I rather like this steampunk movement among artsy geeks.  Steampunk fashion and accessories feature components of steam driven machinery.  We saw plenty of it at this year's Comic Con.  Lots of goggles, gear drives, chains, etc. thrown together with clothing fashions from Victorian England or Old Time American West.  

It's fun.  It's creative.  It's hybrid.  It's Steampunk.

It's Wednesday.


meleah rebeccah said...

you're such a talented artist!

I've also been hearing we're supposed to have crazy rain - but it's been nothing but sunshine all day. I keep waiting for this huge storm - but so far - nada.

Abby said...

We've had a few sprinkles, but nothing like was predicted. The TV weatherpeople are all kind of change-the-subject. Don't get too crazy!

ShadowRun300 said...

Ah yes. Reminds me of the winter forecasts around here. Lots of hype leading up to the big storm. We get ALL excited and plan for the BIG day, and then..... nothing.
For you, I'm hoping their predictions were not true, but that you at least got enough rain to keep any future fire risks at bay.
I haven't heard of the steampunk movement, but I can see how it would be fun for you to draw! Nice job once again - glad you chose not to skip a week! :)

Riot Kitty said...

I wish I had your artistic talent.

Fires and then floods? Sure you aren't in the Midwest?

terri said...

Like ShadowRun, this post reminded me of the winter weather hype we tend to get around here.

I haven't heard of or seen any examples of the steampunk movement. It's interesting what develops when a group wants to stand out as unique!

Sam_I_am said...

We didn't go to an amusement park yesterday because they said it was supposed to RAIN all DAY. It didn't start til 6. We coulda made a good day outta that!

Glad you didn't get a damage causing storm though, who wants to deal with that?

Anita said...

Steampunk? New to me, too. Gotta visit my friend Google for more info.

Lots going on in this piece. As I stared at it, I actually found a face in the clock on his hat... at least two eyes and hair. I don't think that's a face though. :)

Glad the rain was minor.