Thursday, June 20, 2013

and brimstone?

A friend of mine took these lovely photos:

We are having "pretty" sunsets as a result  of ugly ugly fires.

Black Forest is 100% contained as of this evening, but another large fire is burning south of us near my home of sex change town.  The fact that so much smoke is here is a good sign to me that the wind is blowing the fire away from the more populated areas.

I called my parents and asked if they had a lot of smoke.

"No, why?"

May they continue in their oblivion.



  1. Hard to appreciate such beautiful sunsets that arise from such devastation. Glad to hear that Black Forest is finally contained. Everyone deserves a break. Glad to hear that the fires down south have not impacted your parents. It is sometimes good to be oblivious. Still sending juju and praying for rain.

  2. Wow! Those are really pretty pictures. It's hard to believe that something so beautiful could result from such a devastating fire.

    I'm glad your parents are okay. We're supposed to get more rain here tonight. I'll try to send it your way.

  3. Yes, a good dose of air pollution does make for great sunsets. The sunsets where I live are not where near as good as they were before they cleaned up the air on London...

  4. Hmm. Your post made me realize I didn't know what brimstone actually is. But now I do.
    Strange how even the worst of things can take on a beauty of their own...

  5. Beautiful pictures! Sad circumstances.
    There's something to say about being naive and oblivious. Just be sure YOU are watching in case they need to evacuate! :)
    I love Colorado too. Sending more juju.....