Friday, March 8, 2013

getting out

It's been a busy and productive week and already, here it is, Dumb Friday.  It's all been good and fun stuff, but it has eaten into my blogging time.

Just now, I was preparing some lessons and read:  "When a substance dissolves in H2O..." and at that point the voice inside my head informed me that it was time to switch gears and spend some time in the right brain, lest I become too one-dimensional
When Nerds Play
not my artwork, don't know whose...


Really, I do have a strong urge to draw something, or throw some paint around.  The last time I suppressed that urge for too long, I ended up splattering paint all over a few walls and getting a tattoo! 

Early last week, a neighbor whom I find irritating came over and asked me if I would call her when I go out to take China for her beauty walks.  She wanted to come with us.  "Ugh!" (or something like that), I thought to myself.  But on the outside, I said, "Uhm... yeah, okay"  Inside:  "Shucks!" (or something like that).

If I'd seen it coming, I would have had a ready declining response, but she took me by surprise.  I did manage to tell her that I don't take China out at a necessarily consistent time of day.  "Just whenever I fit it in with other stuff".  That was fine with her.  "Fudge!"

Let me just say that she's not a bad person.  It's just that her personality grates on me.  We're neighbors, she's just a couple of years older than I am, our kids are around the same ages, but our similarities stop with the externals.  Inside, we're nearly polar opposites of each other - something she strangely doesn't seem to notice.  I find it a struggle to chat with her out of neighborliness, let alone go on walks with her.  She can be a bit clingy.

Now I know what you might be thinking.  "Ah, just let her walk with you already!", but I did that before.  Years ago, when we first moved here, I would take Meego out regularly in the jogging stroller for our daily airing outs.  She asked then, like now, if she could come with us.  I said, "Uhm... yeah, okay", then ended up  regretting it.  The walks somehow thankfully stopped.  I don't remember how, but I was very grateful for it.  

Yeah, so anyway, I've just not called her, although I've taken China on usual daily walks each day since her request.  I kind of feel like the sleazy date who says he'll call, but then never does.  



Anita said...

I always wonder if I do a little venting like this, if "the neighbor" will somehow stumble upon my blog and the particular post...

Anyway, I giggled when I looked at your drawing. The kids all look scared and/or bored stiff; especially the one where the dad(?) is pulling the kid out from the side instead of the back!

Good right-brain material.

Abby said...

I wonder that too, but threw caution to the wind anyway.

And, that's not my drawing! Someone e-mailed me that cartoon with the title "When Nerds Play" or such. I don't know the origin of it. I'll go clarify...

terri said...

Neighbor Flanders, right? I have one of those. I am generally nice to everyone, but my neighbor makes it difficult for even me to be nice sometimes. Actually, it's not that I'm not nice TO her. I just tend to avoid her whenever possible and don't really care if she notices. That is SO not me, but this neighbor has given me reason.

Yeah, so obviously, I have no advice for you. I'm just hoping you continue on as is so that I feel like I have an ally in this type of behavior.

Abby said...

Yes, you remember the (apt) code name! Avoidance is my usual tactic too. You certainly have an ally.
I don't mind an occasional "Hidee Ho, Neighbor!" and a little catching up, but regular walks? Nah. And I could've nipped it in the bud right there and then, but I was like a deer in the headlights I tellya.

Anonymous said...

I just recently had a similar, but different, deer in the headlights situation. Had I been prepared, I would have nixed it from the get-go, but I was caught off guard and only later could come up with a good way to say no.
I used to walk with my neighbor too, and began to hate it. I used my hubby as an excuse, saying he wanted to walk with me. That was partially true, but he only lasted a little while. Perhaps you could tell her you usually run once you round the corner... :)

Anita said...

How did I miss the caption/disclaimer under the drawing. Sorry. :)

Abby said...

I added the caption afterwards. I didn't realize the cartoon didn't have a signature. Flattered you thought it was mine :)

Abby said...

Oh, good idea! Although she has hinted in the past at maybe running with me, that I just totally ignored.

Ces said...

I am just a stranger but I like the direct approach. Tell her that you value your walks and you use it for meditation. :). It is your private time and you use it to replenish your energy which you you probably do. I cannot stand clingy and needy people. Sometimes when I find myself needing a friend so much, I start panicking because I would not want to be friends with someone needy. Good luck. Do not tell her when you go out. She will get the hint. There is nothing wrong with not sharing your walks.