Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

There are streamers on the basketball hoop next door.  Party brewing perhaps?  They have four kids, so SOMEbody is probably due for a birthday.

Either way, it's a lovely day at this week's end.  After dealing with some real March of the Penguins type weather this week, the last few days have been beauts.  On that note, though, I understand the mountains have piles of snow for the skiers and boarders.

Last weekend, Magnum took our bicycles in for their annual spa treatments.  Murphy's law says that we'll have beautiful bike riding weather when bikes are in the shop.  HA!  I have two bicycles!  Take THAT, Murphy!

We attended another Meego concert this week.  They sounded pretty good, as expected.  Sure beats those recorder programs from third grade, eh?  Magnum and I ended up having seats right behind Meego and his island of Baritonia.  We were practically wedged in with the kettle drums, so I snapped this pic of the back of Meego's head.

It was a good productive week work-wise.  Getting things done.  Our computer's been acting strangely lately.  I wonder if it has a virus?  I've been cleaning cookies and caches, running scans, changing passwords, but still the glitches.  It's limping along however.  It's times like these that I miss the in-house IT department that was Chaco.  Might he be the cause, however...?

Friday, Magnum and I had one of our rare epic Fridays, which was nice.  It's good to have these dates.  We never know when an Asteroid or totally unrelated but huge meteor might hit.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I remember your last (??) Epic Friday. Seems so long ago! My hubby and I were just commenting on how we should maybe do something together some time. Right now, if the Asteroid hit, we'd be full of regrets.
Are Meego's concerts that crowded that you have to sit in the back? At least you look like you were close. And it's true that as they get older, their music sounds SO much better than the recorder recitals!
Good luck with your computer! Wish I had advice for you. Want me to ask my IT department? They're all still mooching off us - I mean - living at home and pulling their own weight, and would be happy to help! ;)

Abby said...

Yes, have an epic [day of the week]! Strike while the meteor shards are hot!
We have to get there super early to get the good concert seats, so we almost always end up in the flanks. We're not very good groupies.

Rock Chef said...

Hope you had a great Epic Friday. Our Saturday was pretty epic.

Meteors? No problem - I have seen all the movies and they all end well!

agg79 said...

Looks like a great seat from the tympani section.
Glad to hear that you and Magnum had an epic Friday and no meteors strikes. Our weekend was pretty good, weather great and no more stories about the love boat.

terri said...

Nice that you got an epic Friday with Magnum. Mark and I have been way out of sync. First I was in AZ for four days. Then when I came back, he was working one of those shifts when we didn't see each other for a bunch more days. I actually had a chance to miss the guy! :-)