Thursday, January 10, 2013

have you seen them?

Have you seen them?  The Resolutionists?

Last Saturday morning, I was out for a run and saw a troop of runners streaming from the karate place.  It reminded me that I typically witness such a thing on the first Saturday of the year.  I did notice that the group was noticeably smaller than in year's past.

Same goes for other similar outings so far.  Three or four "extras" and that's about it.

But one area that has ticked up this week is the bicyclists.  I'm getting more traffic in my crosswalk.  Not kids, but adults on bikes.  Resolving to commute more on the bicycle?  Less in the car?  More power to them.  I'll keep a mental record to note how long it lasts.

However, one noticeable gap in the action is Bike Lady.  Remember?  Bike Lady?  In all my two years as a crossing guard (just passed my anniversary), Bike Lady has commuted through nearly every morning, exchanging a quick friendly "hello" before continuing on her way.  Rain.  Snow.  Ice.  Wind.  Nothing deterred Bike Lady.

And I haven't seen her since just before Thanksgiving.

I'm a little curious as to where she's gone.  I KNOW she didn't give up the bike for a car.  I just know it in my bones.  She's quite tough, so if she was sick or injured, she likely would've recovered by now.  She was also a safe rider, so I feel reasonably certain that she's not been lying by the side of the road in a heap.

So I've deduced that she's moved or gotten a new job or a new shift or some combination of those.

...or found a Sugar Daddy.

I, for one, plan on sticking around.  I do want to mention that I didn't sign on for the blog-every-day this month.

I still plan to write blog posts obnoxiously often, maybe even daily.  I'm just not committing to every day.  My year of daily blogging was fun and I enjoy the discipline of it.  I just want to try an open relationship now.   Plus, the spring test cycle is coming around, so my tutor schedule is starting to feel the strain.

And now, I must run a quick errand before the afternoon crosswalk and tutelage.  On my bicycle.  In memory of Bike Lady.

I hope it's the Sugar Daddy scenario.


lotta joy said...

I have stretches of time when I think: "Oh Lawd. If I don't write a post, I'll lose the ones who stop by". Other stretches of time find me with so much to say, I could write twice a day.

But if I dedicate myself to doing something, a set number of times, I lose my momentum.

Blogging is NOT a requirement. We're NOT in school, and we need not obey anyone beside ourselves.

Ease up on yourself. It's just a blog.

Guano said...

Hmm. What happened to Bike Lady....
Kinda worried, can't help it. Sending good vibes.....

Maybe she took up bike polo!

terri said...

I'm rooting for the sugar daddy scenario. She's got a sugar daddy and no longer needs to commute to a job. So she just bikes, safely, in the middle of the day, whenever she feels like it, after she sleeps in and spends time eating bon-bons on the couch while watching daytime t.v.

It could happen.

Abby said...

Absoloodle! After doing the every-day thing for a year, I just wanted to let it be known that I'm (hopefully) not lying in a heap on the side of the road if I now miss a day.

Abby said...

Yes, disappearing Bike Lady is a bit unsettling but I'm thinking happy thoughts.
Bike polo? Who would DO that?! ;)

Abby said...

Clearly the most likely explanation.

ShadowRun300 said...

Oh no. I'm worried about Bike Lady too. Maybe she was married to one of those Air Force guys, and they got transferred. Or maybe it's just like Terri said. Either way, I'm sending good vibes her way too.
I am a very sporadic blog poster. Sometimes I'm busy with work. Sometimes I just have nothing to say. So I should totally understand you not wanting to HAVE to write a post everyday. But, I sure hope you do....

agg79 said...

Bike Lady found a Sugar Daddy? I like Terri's scenario - much more interesting/colorful.

Haven't seen too many resolution runners of late but, then again, I am not doing the morning run gig. I give them until third week of January to thin the herd.

Rock Chef said...

It's funny how attached we get to certain people who we only get to exchange a few words with or sometimes just exchange nods and smiles. I hope it is the happy ending too.

Rock Chef said...

PS the resolutions thing is great!

Abby said...

Yeah, I don't even know her name, but here I am all wondering.

Abby said...

I think you're right on your herd thinning timeline.

Abby said...

With all the good vibes, I think Bike Lady's prospects are looking good... wherever she is.

Rebecca S. said...

We have a couple of bike ladies and men here, too. The principal of the Christian school is amazing and rides in all weather, but I don't feel too badly, because I walk in all weather.
I haven't seen too many resolution people, just a few extra runners on the road.
Not blogging every day? Good. Now I won't feel so bad when I haven't visited for a week or so :)