Thursday, December 20, 2012

I just wanna say

Magnum and I took a chilly old folk's walk last night.

"I saw today that that guy who killed his dad with a bow and arrow at Casper College had Asperger's too", Magnum noted.

"Oh great.  Ban people with Asperger's?", I contemplated.

"Well, I can fake normal", he said with mock confidence.

"No.  You can't", I joked but not really.

Yes, the Aspies have been getting some negative press lately.  My Asperger wife friend Maureen posted a damage control article on facebook, but I don't feel a need to do similar here.  My readers know Magnum's not a monster.  Violent?  PSSSH.

Honestly, when it comes to just getting all authoritative with the kids, even that usually falls to me.  Magnum's too much of a softie.  It wasn't Asperger's that killed those children. Personally, I think it was most likely a number of things that aligned into the Perfect Storm.

And that's all the press I want to give to that loser.   Besides, the world ends tomorrow.

But just in case the forecasters are wrong, we'll probably go get our Christmas tree then.  I realize it's last minute, but I didn't want to have another living thing to be responsible for on End of the World Day.

We always get our trees relatively late because, (1) we get a live potted tree, so it doesn't come into the house until just before Christmas anyways, and (2) the longer we wait, the bigger the bargain.  The nursery people practically pay us to take one.  Maybe the late tree buying is our version of Black Friday shopping?  And we mustn't forget, (3) we're just disorganized that way.

In other shopping and Christmas preparedness news, I'm crossing my fingers that we have more to show for Meego's gift on Christmas morning than a pack of vacuum cleaner bags.   More on that to follow.

Unless the world ends.


LL Cool Joe said...

My niece is on the AS spectrum, and she's one of the most gentle people I know. I do hate labels.

ShadowRun300 said...

I heard all the negative press about Asperger's as well, and I thought it was so unfair to categorize everyone with Asperger's syndrome in the same way. Similar to calling ALL blondes dumb? (Surely some of them aren't...) :)
But yeah, I can verify that Magnum is a quiet softie and not a threat to anyone.
I didn't get Amp vacuum cleaner bags, but he definitely doesn't have as much as the others. I'm crossing my fingers, too, that inspiration will hit. (But dying to know why Meego needs bags???)
Sure hope you're able to get your tree tomorrow....

agg79 said...

When I heard the media trashing Asperger's, I thought of you and Magnum. It's easy for people to lump people into one category and throw them under the bus. You've summed it up pretty well - it was a combination of a lot of bad things that led to that terrible end.

And since we appear to have survived the end of the world, I guess that means you need to go out and get that tree now.

LauraBelle said...

I'm a bit miffed as well over the Asperger's negativity. Kody would never hurt a person - even those who've jumped him for "being different" he showed forgiveness and compassion! I have a feeling tho that all this will come to light.

Where's the picture of the tree!?

Guano said...

Magnum's been faking normal? Who knew!

I read recently "they" are considering the removal of "Asperger's" from the autism lexicon, favoring more of a scale (i.e. "You're a 3 on the austism scale; we used to call that "Asperger's" but not any more").

My shopping starts today (Dec 22). Rish me ruck....

terri said...

It's not fair to slap a label on every person with a particular condition. I guess for some people, sadly, it's a way of making sense of things that aren't meant to make sense.