Wednesday, December 19, 2012

glad I'm not there... oh, wait

Friday night, I was awakened by the cat.

"Some cops are arresting a guy in a truck right in front of our house", she said, standing over me, all big-eyed.

"Really?  What for?", I groggily replied.

"I dunno.  They handcuffed the driver and put him in the back of one of the cop cars.  There's a woman in the passenger seat.  A K-9 unit just arrived", she continued.

"Ah, must be drugs then", I logically concluded while speaking with a cat.

Slowly, my body and mind merged, and I realized Chaco was doing the talking while the cat just hung out in the crook of his arm.  Otherwise, I'd start thinking those were darn good drugs out there.

Saturday morning, the drug truck was still there, right in front of our house.  Large red Ford F-150 with a cap.  I hadn't bothered to get out of my warm bed while getting updates from the cat the night before.  I wonder what the neighbors thought.

"Drug bust?  At the AbbyNormals?  Hmmm..."

It's not so hard to imagine, really.  After all, we have no Christmas decorations up.  Sure sign of a drug operation, right?  *SIGH*

Actually, we DO have some lights UP, they're just not LIT up.  Wiring obstacles.  I've left it to the menfolk to handle the decorating of the exterior of the house.  Me? On the roof?  HaHaHaHaHa!

So there are unlit light bulbs tastefully bordering our roof.  If they were lit up, it might be pretty.  In the meantime, thanks to our trucked in friends, we are the neighborhood drug house.  At least someone eventually came and retrieved the drug truck, but probably not until the damage to our reputation was done.

So today!  Today, I will get this all reconciled.  Nature has gifted us with our first snow day of the year!  There's not much accumulation yet, but it's nasty windy out - blizzardness - snow is falling horizontally.  I was so happy to not have to be at the crosswalk I went out there (??) to capture a photo of where I didn't want to be.  The things I do for this blog...


I actually made a video too, but it's pretty boring.  Just imagine the wind a-whipping through your ears, those traffic lights doing their Snow Day Happy Dance, and a few disgruntled commuters slogging by like turtles.

My afternoon tutelage is also cancelled, so I've got the WHOLE  DAY to finally get the house ready for Christmas!  There might even be time left over to set up a meth lab.



lotta joy said...

I NEVER left the house during the winter unless the house was on fire. So I basically liked winter. Stud was the one slipping and sliding while going to work or shoveling the driveway.

After he forced me at gunpoint into Florida, today we have the windows open, the patio doors open, and it's pretty damn nice. Good luck with the meth lab. If you've got the reputation now, you might as well get the money!

ShadowRun300 said...

Did you have the menfolk flip the switch in the garage? It worked for Clark.
Your crosswalk looks nice covered in snow. You have at least one reader who is appreciative of your treacherous trip out there.
Merry Christ-meth. heehee

Abby said...

Snow is kind of like really cold Florida sand? It gets everywhere too.

Abby said...

Hmmm... the old flip-the-switch trick. Might have to investigate. Then maybe later we can cut out some paper "crystals" to hang.

Rock Chef said...

That crossing looks SO bleak! Hope you can rebuild your rep after this!

agg79 said...

Seems like there is always some sort of drama going on at the Abby House. Tell the guys that if you rig up the lights on some timers and you don't have to flip any switches.

Your crosswalk looks forlorn, desolate. I'm just getting chilly looking at it. Thanks for trekking out in the frozen wasteland for a picture for the rest of us.

Abby said...

It shouldn't be TOO difficult to rebuild. Strangely...

Abby said...

I was outside with China anyway (I'm sure you understand), so thought I would acknowledge the crosswalk, in case it missed me. We're thisclose to having lights.

LL Cool Joe said...

Only you would go to take a photo of the place you don't have to be. Does that sentence make any sense at all?

terri said...

Well, at least things aren't boring in your neighborhood!

We gave up years ago on stringing the house with lights. Instead, Mark has amassed a collection of light-up stuff that he can plop into the front yard and plug in - some of those spiral trees and a lone reindeer.

Looks like you had a blustery, frigid day. Glad you were given the day off!