Friday, November 23, 2012

lock up your sons!*

Rock Chef Wilder Hirsch recently blogged about his celebrity look-alikes and asked others to also give it a go, so I thought I'd give it a go.

People used to say that I looked like Valerie Bertinelli.  I certainly won't complain about that comparison.

I especially enjoyed it back in my late teens and early twenties since, at that time, I had a silly schoolgirl crush on Eddie VanHalen.  Yes,he's a chain smoking rock star, but dang could he play guitar!  My bad boy complex rearing its head.

I'm sure he really wanted to marry me, but had to settle for Valerie instead...  I was destined for the not-musically-inclined Aspergerian fellow engineer.

Nia Peeples is another celebrity some have compared me with.  I don't know much about her these days.  I mainly remember her as Nicole from Fame fame.  I understand she's gone through 4 or 5 husbands...

A few years ago, a fellow blogger became my instant best friend when she said I looked like Angelina Jolie.  I always wanted to be Laura Croft.  Still do.

Magnum commented, "Yeah, you look like Angelina, except she has bigger....    lips".

That's about all I can remember for my celebrity comparisons.  As far as who I want to BE like?

*Tank Girl, of course.

She's the reason I became a crossing guard.


  1. Gee,I don't think I see enough TV, videos, and movies to know of a possible look-alike. And, I hardly get told of someone who I resemble, which would be fun if they were all as good looking as the people you've been compared to.

    And yes, I can see why each of those women resemble you! :)

    1. (thanks for adding that last sentence)

      You're on the stingy side with sharing photos of yourself, Anita. But from what I've seen, I'm thinking Deborah Roberts.

    2. All of a sudden, Deborah Roberts who has always been cute, is now stunning! :)

      I Google imaged her and I think I see my smile. Will have to get opinions from the fam.

  2. I think you most resemble Nia Peeples.

    As for me, I've been told I resemble Jay Leno and John Goodman.

    And whom I'd most like to resemble? Easy, I'd most like to resemble myself--but with massive muscles, and weighing 140 lbs. less (210 lbs.)! I'd also like to have my original nose. I had a nose job in 1986, and I've regretted it ever since!

    1. I do see similarities in facial structure with Valeria and Nia, from my artsy activities. Angelina Jolie? Not so much.
      I've never seen a photo of you (that I know of), Scott Leno Goodman. I suspect you have a nice prominent chin!
      Interesting that you regret the nose job.

  3. At work, I often get told by the guests that I look like someone they know. I can't recall ever being told I look like someone famous though. Do you remember Jo from Facts of Life? That's who I always wanted to look and be like. I liked Valerie too. And who didn't love Eddie Van Halen?
    I think you have Valerie's facial features, Angelina's buff arms and Tank Girl's fightin' attitude. (Thanks for the link - I had no idea who that was. :/

    1. Ah, yes - Jo, I see it! And I'd be happy to be the ValTankGelina combo. And you're right, I was not alone in the Eddie VH crush. I actually know a... uhm... "friend" who named one of her kids after him... *cough*ahem*

    2. Really! I had no idea! ;)
      Maybe I subconsciously named my number two son after Jo... hmmm...

  4. I've been told I look a lot like Leah Remini from the TV show 'King of Queens'

  5. I've never been told I look like anyone famous, so I just ran one of those look-alike generators online. My results were... confusing. I was compared to Celine Dion, Queen Sofia, Ashanti, Sandra Bullock and... Michael Bloomberg?

    As for you, I do see a little bit of you in all of the celebrities you posted.

  6. You oughta post that pic of you rockin' the original Walkman in your "Are you the sheriff?" outfit; Valerie B. to a T.

    Turns out people who look like me only get entertainment jobs in radio.....

  7. I can see the Valerie Bertinelli similarities but not so sure about the others.

    I don't look like any celebrity. :D

  8. I can see Nia Peeples with a little Tank Girl thrown in. I was once told I looked like Christopher Reeve but I think she was just trying to suck up to me.