Sunday, October 28, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

How can I get this job?!?

Yesterday we attended the state cross country championships, thus ending another high school cross country season.  I chose to include this photo of the course officials because they were causing me serious bicycle envy.   Find Meego?

It was a great day for racing.  Sunny, a bit cool, not too windy.  This course is known for it's brutal hills and I will attest to that.  We hardier spectators had to ascend some precarious slopes to get to the good observation/cheering points.  But it was a small price to pay in the name of mom support and photojournalism.

Cross country, I think, has gained in popularity over the years.  I vaguely remember my own high school having a team, but they didn't get much publicity.  If not for Wolfgang's participation, it probably wouldn't show on our radar much.  I think one of his teammates put it well when he posted...

"Tomorrow the the cross country team is competing at state, if you like watching extremely repetitive and monotonous sports, come on down. Also the runners tend to dress scandalously, so that's a plus..."

Is that girl talking to me?
What's she saying?

I did manage to get a couple of action shots of Wolfgang, who made a decent showing along with the rest of the team.   They are happy to be 1st in the city, 2nd in the region, and now 7th best cross country team in the state.

In other news, remember that thing that Magnum ordered that we so looked forward to testing out?  It arrived in a heap and Magnum commenced to making me stupid?  WELL, looks like the situation has been resolved.  We get a full refund, plus we get to keep the piece of crap that was sent for scrap parts.

In the meantime, Magnum apologized for making me stupid (yes, he does read here occassionally).  I assured him that he didn't really make me that stupid, since most of the time, I wasn't listening to him.


terri said...

Congratulations to Wolfgang and team on a great season!

While the sport itself may not be all that exciting to watch, the scenery surrounding that course is gorgeous!

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats from me as well, to Wolfang and the team!What's next for him?
I sure hope you plan on telling us what it was that arrived in a heap that you can now use for scraps. And I wondered if Magnum read about how "stupid" he was making you. :) He's just trying to make your Dumb Fridays even more enjoyable I'm sure!
Speaking of Dumb Fridays... I'm having a Dumb Sunday. You'd be so proud!

Jimmy said...

Yes a big congrats to Wolfgang and the team, you have to be proud of him I know.

The girl must have not wanted her picture taken :) but had she smiled it would have looked better Ha Ha

I am wondering if Magnum will put the scrap parts together and make it work or use the refund to buy another?

Abby said...

The state meet was actually in our fair city this year (it's usually in Denver). It really is a pretty venue - same place where the rodeos are. I sat atop a bull-riding chute to get a good view of the start - the only way to get me into one of those things!

Abby said...

Wolfgang doesn't do much extracurricular in the winter. Track in the spring. I'm sure he will totally focus on academics until then (sarcasm).
I'm looking forward to reporting on the replacement heap, and yes, I'm sure Magnum had my own best interests in mind. Happy Dumb Sunday! Way to represent!

Abby said...

I think the answers are "Yes" and "Yes" to your questions of the scrap heap. Time will tell!

CiCi said...

I am intrigued as well. Scrap heap? Sounds interesting. I have so many ideas right now. I'm thinking a small scrap heap, something that can be in the garage or even inside.

Great to see the action shots. Your family is so into great sports.

D.Shawnte said...

This looks like so much fun :3! I sometimes am amazed at how athletic you and your sons are. They should be proud to have a mom like you who's on top of the game like you are :3.

agg79 said...

Congrats to Wolfgang and the rest of the crew. Good to see them gain the notoriety and attention they deserve. I, too, recall cross country in high school and it wasn't as popular or well attended as it seems to be now.

I am still interested to hear more about your scrap story. I've had a few buys that didn't live up to their promised and it made me feel like a total dummy trying to figure it out.

guano said...

Our cross country adventures have also taken us to places we would otherwise not discover; but alas, our JV season is over....

Congrats to Wolfgang on his season's success! He's definitely a contender!

Rock Chef said...

Now that is what I call cross country running. I love the look of your landscape, very rugged.