Tuesday, August 28, 2012

an update

I was on my fa(ebook page yesterday, just checking the usual goings on, in case I missed anything the last few days.  I don't really use fb much, but I keep my account so I can *monitor* the kids'.  Chaco got bored with it quite a while ago and deleted his, Meego has never had an account, Wolfgang's is even less active than mine.  

So, not much monitoring to do, but I keep my account for the usual:  certain news feeds, interesting links, long lost friends, occasionally surprising status updates.  I came across one such update yesterday.

"It took me a long time to decide to share this, but...", it began.  I had to slow down to make sure I was reading what I was reading.  

It went on to share the breast cancer diagnosis, the full mastectomy on Friday, the "hopefully caught early enough".  

This from someone I grew up with.  I remember going through elementary school, onto middle school, then high school.  We were both active in band and sports.  We lived in the same neighborhood.  In fact, I  remember the message sent when we first connected on fb:

"Hey, it's great to find the smartest and prettiest girl from the neighborhood!"

Yeah, flattery will get you everywhere.  I've mentioned here before about how I was pretty much the ONLY  girl in the neighborhood.  But that's Jim.

Yes, Jim's a guy.  

His status went on to say , "I am the 1%. The less than 1%. To get breast cancer.... So women and men get checked, be preventative..."

We go around usually thinking of breast cancer as a women's issue, that it's a "sisterhood" thing.  

Well, let's not forget our brothers.  


ShadowRun300 said...

I remember NOW having heard that men can get breast cancer, but after hearing the news story many years ago, I hadn't thought about it again. I sure hope he's right and they were able to catch it soon enough. Sometimes things just seem so unfair.
I will no longer forget our brothers when it comes to supporting breast cancer funding for research and cures. Thanks for the reminder. Best wishes to your childhood friend for a speedy recovery.

terri said...

I'm so sorry for your friend. Too many of our friends and loved ones end up affected by cancer of some kind or another. I hope that it was caught early enough and that he enjoys a full recovery.

Rock Chef said...

I lost a friend to that a few years ago - didn't even know it was possible for a man to get it until it was too late, poor guy.

Best wishes and prayers for your friend, I hope he gets through this.

Abby said...

Thanks ShadowRun. It was somewhere in the back of my brain too, before his news.

Abby said...

Thanks Terri, and this got me thinking of Gina again. I hope treatments are going well for her!

Abby said...

Thank you Rock Chef. Sorry about your friend.

CiCi said...

Of course we care about the men and don't want them suffering from breast cancer. Since the percentage is small, we don't hear about many males having a mastectomy. Your friend sounds positive and I hope he recovers from his surgery and is a strong, active guy for many years.

lotta joy said...

Cancer in any form is evil and should be destroyed. I can't help but feel pissed off when administering poison, and hoping not to kill the patient, is our only state of the art choice.

Rebecca S. said...

Oh boy, that's hard. I hope your friend's surgery will be successful, and that they did, in fact, find it early enough.

D.Shawnte said...

I agree, men and women should be checked for breast cancer. Men usually get diagnosed at a later stage, so it's important that men get screening too. I hope your friend Jim's surgery goes successfully.

agg79 said...

cancer is an insidious disease that can hit just about anyone and should never be taken lightly. I hope Jim's surgery and recovery go well.