Thursday, July 26, 2012

that time again

I remember the Olympics when I was a kid.  Watching with the entire family on our black and white TV that we had to actually get up to change the channel or volume on (yes, my kids have heard ALL about that).  We'd sit there and marvel at how fast the athletes could swim and run, how far they could throw and jump, how gracefully they could dive and tumble.

Then us neighbor kids would go outside and mimic what we saw.   We'd wear patches of dirt into the lawns while trying to longjump.  At the pool, we'd do ridiculous versions of the butterfly.

Chaco was born in the middle of the 1994 winter Olympics.  Many a breastfeeding session was spent watching the skating and skiing.

For the 2002 winter Olympics, we lived near Salt Lake City and the ski venues.  We didn't attend any of it in person, though.  Security was tight.  No bags were allowed at any of the events.  Meego was 2 years old at the time.  Anyone who has ever had a 2-year-old knows that they don't go anywhere without a huge bag nearby.

And that's fine.  Over the years, I've lost interest.  It seems more money driven now, and frankly, some of the athletes get on my nerves a bit.

During the 2008 Olympics, it seemed that most every time I turned on the TV, it was beach volleyball time.  I couldn't care less about beach volleyball, and maybe that was the final straw.  I find I just don't really care so much about the Olympics anymore. 

Maybe I'll tune in on occassion, though.  I'll probably watch some track and field, some Marathon perhaps. 

Are you watching?  What are your favorite events?


terri said...

I'll probably watch simply because something about the Olympics feels exciting. There's always that sense that something momentous could happen; something that might go down in the history books. And years down the road, I'll be able to say, "I remember when Mia Hamm took her soccer jersey off and shocked the world by running around in her sports bra on national t.v.!" Or something like that.

agg79 said...

I will watch it just to see if it can live up to the hype and if there are any memorable moments. I still remember Kerri Strug sticking a landing at the 96 Games in Atlanta.

ShadowRun300 said...

I have to agree, I've lost some of my interest in the Olympic Games, but I used to be glued to the Ice Skating and Gymnastics competitions.
I probably won't watch much this year. As much as I love to run, I don't usually follow the track and field competitions on TV???
My favorite parts of the Olympics are the stories of the underdogs or the stories about great successes.

Rock Chef said...

We are off camping during the second week, so will miss a lot of it. I am hoping to catch some paralympics, especially the basketball which is amazing.

I really don't care for the main events and the power of the sponsor companies is really bad. Seems that if you turn up in a Pepsi t-shirt they won't let you in...

Scott said...

No, I'm not. Because the only event I enjoy watching is the women's figure skating!

The only Olympics that really stand out in my memory are the summer olympics of 1976--and only for this reason: We had just gotten our first color TV, and the Olympics was the first thing we watched on it!

CiCi said...

You're right about the Olympics being exciting and the athletes were held in high esteem by me and my brother and our friends. We too would build our own Olympic competitions in our back yard. We spent all day out there. We worked hard and played hard. And we all worked together. Thanks for reminding of the good old days.