Monday, May 7, 2012

back to the ironing board

I thought I was in the clear for a while, but apparently not.  Yesterday, Chaco sprung on me the fact that he needed  a dress shirt and some khakis.  Shopping?  Again?  What is this conspiracy!?

Anyway, I was back in the same store in the same young men's department as I was last week with Wolfgang and the jacket caper.  The trick here was that all of the dress shirts are all neat and tidy and pinned and folded, a.k.a. non-try-onable.  Okay, so now what?

Eventually we found some try-onable ones that also had numbers that looked similar to the ones that were non-try-onable.  We took our best guess, and he grabbed one of suitable color.  It almost seems unexplainable to me now to realize that we made it out of there in a decent amount of time with shirt, pants, tie, belt, and shoes. 

We returned home, me feeling quite successful.  Chaco asked me to iron his new stuff, so I got out some other wrinkly things and fired up the iron.  I was part way through the second wrinkly thing when Meego reminded me that we were going to get him some shoes (he reminded me by walking in with his quickly disintegrating shoes, his only pair), so I said to him, "Oh yeah, do you want to go get shoes now?"


I said to Chaco,"Okay, iron's all warmed up.  Get the wrinkles out of your clothes".  I was joking.  He's never ironed a piece of fabric in his life that I know of.

He didn't realize I was joking, and got up to make an attempt.  I decided to keep my mouth shut and let him continue.  My crumbling credit card and I left with Meego.

We returned a little less than an hour later to find Chaco sitting at his computer, the new clothes having slightly shifted in position.  I said he should hang them up after ironing.

"I don't know how to iron", he said, the realization finally hitting him.

"Sure ya do, you just put the stuff on the board and move the hot iron around until the wrinkles are gone".

"You never showed me how to iron!", he explained.

"I think it's best to learn by trial and error"

"I tried, but all I did was error!"

"Okay, I'll iron them.  You can clean the bathroom".

I was joking.  He didn't realize I was joking.  I need to do that more often.


Scott said...

Give him some slack--I never could iron either!

I should add my two cents that ironing clothes and making one's bed are two of the most pointless tasks our Victorian predecessors came up with!

ShadowRun300 said...

We have to dust our iron off before putting it to use. It's rarely used. If it is, it's by me.
The bathroom,while used more often, NEVER gets cleaned by anyone but me. Let me know if your trick works, because I may have to start trying it.

agg79 said...

In the old country, I hear that ironing was a sport. I never got the hang of ironing but remember that my mom was constantly ironing everything. Nowadays with permanent press clothes and dry cleaners, it is almost a lost art to some. Just remember, the high setting on the iron and rayon don't work well together.

Rock Chef said...

"I think it's best to learn by trial and error"

What a wonderful line! I will have to use that sometime!

Anita said...

Whew! I thought you were going to come home and find him wearing a new shirt with a big, brown slice-of-pie shape on it! :)

You got the good end of the stick on that one. How'd the bathroom turn out?

terri said...

Yeah, what is that thing with the shirts being all pinned together and wrapped in plastic? One too many times, we've come home to find that one of those shirts didn't fit right. Now I just open them up and unpin them and make them try it on. Sorry, but that packaged shirt thing is a ridiculous practice and I will not stand for it! (Sorry to any Kohl's employees who have had to clean up in my wake!)

I am an ironer. I iron almost everything I wear. I guess it's a bit of OCD in me. The iron gets used daily, and I am probably on my 5th or 6th iron since I got married. Anyway, as a result, everyone around here knows how to iron. Now if I could just teach them to properly clean the bathrooms!

D.Shawnte said...

The last time I ironed anything, I damn near burned my hand off xD!