Friday, March 30, 2012

it would just be culture shock anyway

Magnum and I were on our old folk's walk the other night and were pondering what we would do with half a billion dollars.  Then we decided we're probably better off without it.

Okay, maybe not "better off", but fine.  With that, we decided not to buy a ticket for tonight's drawing.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that we have played a few times in the past, just for fun.  Good thing it was just for fun too, because we've never won a cent.

So yesterday, Meego and I went for a bike ride and stopped at 7-11 for a Slurpee and no lottery tickets.  This morning I went to the pet store and bought a new bulb for the aquarium and no lottery tickets.   While out getting a, hopefully, solution aquarium bulb, I also got a few groceries and no lottery tickets.  We are about to leave to go for a hike and no lottery tickets.

Hey, while we're out, would you like me to grab no lottery tickets for you too?


ShadowRun300 said...

We have those same conversations, and we usually come to the same conclusion. I think we've bought one lottery ticket - ever.
I would however, love to be able to splurge on a housekeeper. Any money on top of that would be a luxury we're not really interested in. So yeah, while you're out, buy no lottery tickets for us too.

terri said...

Mark buys them all the time. I have never personally purchased a lottery ticket. I did put my money in a pool at work today though. If all my coworkers suddenly get rich and bail out on their jobs, I don't want to be left behind to do all of their work.

Good thing I like my job though. I'm not holding my breath for a win.

D.Shawnte said...

I couldn't resist. My boyfriend and I went out and bought lottery tickets this evening. It's too much money to pass up xD!

Scott said...

I took an Argumentation and Debate class at the University of South Alabama. And on the day the class was split into groups, assigned topics, and given choices on where to stand on the topics, I was absent. So when I returned, I had no choice: I was in a group debating whether Alabama should have a state lottery--and I had to argue against it. I didn't like that, I favored it. But I had to take that position, and I began researching it. And the more I learned about state lotteries, the way they were conducted, the way they were marketed, the odds of winning, the less supportive I became. By the time of the debate, my attitude had completely changed, and I was delighted to argue against a state lottery in Alabama.

Alabama still has no state lottery--and I hope it never does. The Florida lottery is not only annoying as hell (constantly having to wait in line at every convenience store and supermarket as poor, uneducated people buy tickets), but it is a drain on the finances of ordinary Floridians--particularly the poorest and least educated. Sure, some of the money is used for education--but ultimately a state lottery does far more harm than good.

Rebecca S. said...

My husband throws a toonie (that's a two dollar coin up here) in the lottery pool at work from time to time, and I have been known to buy the occasional scratch ticket. Personally, I think this half a billion dollar lottery is ridiculous. That money could be better spent on social programs, but we silly humans to seem to keep pinning our hopes on a 756 million to one chance some lightning bolt out of the blue will come along and change everything for us for the 'better'. Good for you, for the 'no lottery tickets' and getting on with the business of living! Yes indeed, do buy some for me! Great post, Abby :) Right on the money, too.

CiCi said...

The lottery does not entice me. Amazing how many people are addicted to buying lottery tickets each week. Thank goodness it is none of my business. And not my money.

agg79 said...

My crew at the office pooled their money and bought a number of tickets the day of the drawing. So far, zip on the return.