Monday, February 13, 2012

best friends

Playing tennis at the Jr. College was often an adventure.  Just adjacent to the tennis courts was a large house with a large yard that was home to some very large dogs.  I'm not sure of the breed.  Maybe Newfie crossed with St. Bernard? 

They were big and furry and big and really slobbery and big.  If an errant tennis ball went over the fence into the yard, we typically just gave it up for lost.  I had a particularly adventurous friend, however, who thought it would be exciting to try to retrieve one such ball. 

We were able to scale the stone wall enough to peek over the top and see our bright fluourescent tennis ball in the corner of the yard.  There was no sign of the gargantuan dog family.  My friend - let's call her "Madonna" - decided to go for it. 

I was the voice of reason. 

"It's no biggie.  We can still play.  We shouldn't go into her yard". 

The homeowner was an elderly woman who, I think, lived in the large house by herself with those 3 or 4 huge dogs.  I had a feeling the dogs were very protective of the old woman. 

Madonna had that look in her eye, though.  She loved to tempt fate, and this looked like much more fun to her than tennis.  It wasn't even about the ball.  Not to Madonna. 

I helped her to the top of the wall.  It was wide enough for her to stand up and walk around on, to get a better view of the situation.  There was no sign of the beasts.  Maybe they were inside.

With that, Madonna hopped down into the yard.  I walked over to a barred gate where I could see what she was up to.  She stealthfully made her way to that not-worth-it tennis ball. 

I still remember the sound.  That oh so deep sound of the bark of an oh so very large dog.  I saw the first of the ginormous hounds begin lumbering toward Madonna.  She had the ball by then.  The dogs were big and slow, possibly a bit old.  Madonna was, thankfully, young and fast.

She made it to the wall with the large mass of fur and slobber right on her heels.  She and I jumped at the same time, and I grabbed her wrist from my end and helped pull her to the top of the wall.  That's when I noticed the old woman in the yard and coming toward us.

"Oh, I was just getting our tennis ball", Madonna stated meekly and breathlessly.

"Okay", she said.  "The dogs are friendly.  Want to say 'hi'?"

With that, I found myself in the backyard with the jumbo canines.  No, they weren't mean at all.  Just huge lovable oaflike hounds.  The slobber... OH.. the slobber...

Sexy and she knows it

Yesterday, agg79 suggested I sketch our pooch, China.  We literally snatched China from the jaws of Humane Society death (but that's another story) about 10 years ago. 

She's been the best dog with the sweetest personality we could ask for.  She and I have a bond, being the lone females of the household.

Sometimes people I know will tell me that they saw me out walking with my "big" dog, and I have to laugh a little.

I know BIG dog, and China ain't it.


Shawnte said...

Awww cute story xD It kind of reminded me of the movie "Sand Lot", but the dogs were nice and not scary like the dog in that movie xD. I think even still, the dog in the film turned out to be nice though.

Also, nice drawing of China! She's a beautiful dog.

Jenn and Casey said...

Gorgeous picture. As always I am jealous of your talent, and SO glad you are using it :)

agg79 said...

Great story. The big, hairy, slobbery dogs are sometimes the most gentle ones. It's the small, yappy ones you have to watch out for. It is funny to see how the dogs react to each other in the dog park. There is one huge dog that gets chase around the park by a dog 1/2 his size.

Great sketch of China. Definitely a sexy girl. I am a huge fan of shelter/rescue dogs and people who give them their forever homes. Open your home and hearts to a rescue dog and they will pay it back with love.

Abby said...

Thanks Shawnte, I never saw "Sand Lot", but heard it's good.

And I'm curious, how is Shawnte pronounced? SHAWN-tee? Shawn-TAY? SHAWN-tay??...

Abby said...

Thanks Jenn! She's a good subject.

Abby said...

That's so true! We have the most vicious Yorkshire Terrier I've ever seen living nearby. Good thing he's only about 5 pounds!

ShadowRun300 said...

Sounds like it was thrilling! I love that! Although when I was a kid, I was more like you.. the voice of reason.. or 'scaredy cat'... whatever.
But now I love a thrill, hence the motorcycle riding. :)
And, as usual, your sketch is awesome. China looks like she's a sweet dog. She looks similar to our dog, Chancie. My daughter considers Chancie her sister, as she has three brothers. So she can relate to you and China being the only females.

Abby said...

Yeah, I was more "scaredy cat", but "voice of reason" has a more responsible ring to it.

Rock Chef said...

There are big dogs and big dogs.

Our terrier is a small dog in every way - very loud, wants to make sure everyone knows she is there....

terri said...

Oh, you HAVE to watch the Sandlot. It's good family fun, and your boys (including Magnum) will love it. You'll be amazed at the similarity between your story and one scene in the movie.

Abby said...

Rats! Sandlot isn't available to live stream from Netflix. I'll have to expand my search! Thanks for the recommend!

Abby said...

Frou Frou!

Rebecca S. said...

We had a St. Bernard in our neighbourhood where we lived until I was 5 1/2. All I remember is trying to ride him like a horse. Gentle giant, he was.

Lovely to see your drawings! China looks like my neighbour's pooch, Jazz.