Saturday, January 7, 2012

one week in

I went out running this morning.  Let me just clarify that I don't run every day.  I only run a couple of days during the week and usually Saturday mornings.   During the week, I'm up and out before the chickens and typically don't see much more of humanity - other than my ex, the milkman.  Such a player!

But on Saturdays, I'm out when it's a little later and a little brighter.  WHO were all those people this morning?!? 

It's time for the resolution runners.

It started with a guy going up the hill across the street from me, not far from my house.  I heard him before I saw him.  Huffing, puffing, hacking, and spitting.  He didn't look (or sound) like he was having much fun, but he kept at it. 

Next was another guy dressed all in black.  Black wind pants, black hoodie, even black shoes I think.  He was actually moving at a pretty good clip.  On second thought, maybe he had just knocked off the Western Convenience store and was not a resolution runner at all.

There were various others.  Some with dogs.  The dogs seemed both happy and befuddled, wondering what was up.   It wasn't "jam packed" by any means, but considering it was pretty chilly out and relatively early, it was noticably more crowded.  Just like last year.  And the year before that.  And the year before that.  And... well... so on.

So, good for them.  But I hope they don't feel bad if they don't stick with it.  I've known people who started running and eventually it just became, in their words, "drudgery".  I know I've had good days and bad days, but I've never experienced "drudgery".

I think I've mentioned this before that I've run for such a long time not because I'm particularly disciplined.  I just like to do it.  I don't track a bunch of statistics or use a bunch of the latest gadgetry - heart monitors, pedometers, gmaps, etc.  I don't even wear earbuds.  As silly as it sounds, I just like to go out and put one foot in front of the other, quickly and many times.  Some people knit...

I wonder how many will join me next week. 


Judy said...

Drudgery. Now that is a word I can get in touch with when it comes to me running. That's ALMOST what it is. Which is probably why I haven't hit the pavement since mid-December.

I'll get out there again - not tomorrow, maybe Monday (nah - we're getting rain)...but I'll get out there again. It is a personal quest. But not my favorite thing to do. At least, not right now. Eating cake seems much more doable. ;-)

terri said...

When I was trying to be a runner, it wasn't drudgery that I experienced. It was frustration most of the time, with a little bit of "OH, so THIS is what it's supposed to be like" mixed in. I just couldn't get to the point where I felt like I was getting the hang of it.

I'm a walker. That's what I'm good at.

Anonymous said...

Running was a drudgery when I felt like I needed to do it. A few years ago I gave myself 'permission' to cut back to running just 3-4 days a week. That's when I began to enjoy it. Most times I run in the dark, but today I slept in til 7am and got to run with the beautiful sunrise. Ain't nuthin better. :)

Guano said...

Treadmills. Now THAT'S drudgery. Nothin' like putting all that effort into locomotion and not actually going anywhere....
Running outdoors, getting lost in a new area, then having to find your way back -- those are the good runs. Best way to explore.

CiCi said...

There are runners in my family, but not in my generation. The next generation (my kids and their spouses) and their kids (my grands) run. Not me. I walk. I have never liked running. I so admire the ones who run and even more so the ones who actually like it.

agg79 said...

I always found some kind of bonding when I passed a fellow runner on the road. I am not sure what their reason or motivation was for running, I just feel a kindred spirit out sharing the road. Maybe it was a nod, or a wave or even a simple howdy, but I have always felt we a shared a bond, even if it was a brief moment when you passed on the trail.

Anita said...

Another vote for running here.

I agree - you kinda have to have a "calling" to do it.

I wish I were more consistent and that my motivation was the same as yours. Some days it is - just want to run and feel the air. Other times, the motivation comes after stepping on the scale. My latest motivation is to train for a 10k.