Thursday, January 12, 2012

I spy

... with my grainy eye

1 Navy HC-4 helicopter
1 Messerschmitt Me 262 (yes, I totally had to look that up)
1 Scratchboard rendering of "Marvin the Martian"
1 Birthday boy

Chaco's 18th birthday today.  He can now purchase his own spray paint.

I remember 18+ years ago when I was awaiting his arrival.  I lamented to some friends, "poor kid's birthday will be right after Christmas when everyone's all partied out".  They set me straight, though.

"Heck, that's when the best sales are!"  Oh.... YEAH!

Happy Birthday Chaco.  Best after-Christmas deal I ever snagged.


  1. I used to have an ME262 hanging from my bedroom ceiling too!

    Happy Birthday! In my experience, people like having an excuse to party half way through January!

  2. 18! Not only can he buy spray paint, but he can rent a port-a-potty as well. That's what my son informed me he could do when he turned 18. :) Luckily, he bought a lottery ticket instead. Tell him Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Chaco!18 already! I know I don't "know" your kids, but I've been reading long enough to remember when no one was anywhere near 18. They grow up so fast!

    Be responsible with that spray paint, Chaco! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday (belated) to Chaco and you! Now he's old enough to vote!