Thursday, January 19, 2012

get your fash ON

And then it was down to just one. Another resolution runner - the only one I would see that morning. They have a way of making themselves known.  She was dressed all wrong, but she seemed enthusiastic.

Her obvious mistake, in my opinion, was that she was wearing a big parka.  Like, BIG parka.  And I was thinking, "oh no, she's gonna get overheated/bogged down and she'll think that's what running is and she'll never come out again". 

I do think it's a rather cruel irony that resolution time coincides with the dead of inhospitable winter - for us in the northern hemisphere anyways.  People resolve to be more active, go run outside and freeze and hate it, or join a gym and run on a treadmill and hate it.

If only they knew - it's really just another excuse for FASHION!

Wolfgang runs cross-country in the fall and track in the spring for his school.  He doesn't do a winter sport, so the track members get together during this "off season" and do training runs together to keep in shape.  It's cold and inhospitable outside now.  He needed some new compression tights, so he and I went shopping.

And, you know when you have a coupon that says something like "$10 off your next purchase of $50 or more!",  so you rationalize buying more stuff so you can ratchet your total up to 50 bucks so you can save the 10 bucks?  Yeah, it was like that.  Wolfgang's compression tights were on sale, so I checked to see if the women's tights were too.  Lo and behold...

If I bought two pairs, I could use my coupon :). 

Plus, these compression tights were really really cool looking.  OH, they would probably be good performance-wise too...

But they were really really cool looking.  Even Wolfgang was jealous that the men's were just solid black. 

I got them.  I "saved" 10 dollars by getting them, right??  Plus, I consider it my duty to be a fashion and function example  to the resolution runners...

 if there are any left. 


  1. They ARE really really cool looking. Now if I were a resolution runner, I'd be jealous and think I needed to run out and get a pair. But since I'm not a runner, they would just look silly on me.

    I resolved not to be a resolution runner this year. I've got friends who are trying to convince me otherwise. We'll see...

  2. Terri, you know you are welcome to return to the fray! Your running career lasted quite a while, actually. Come on and renew your membership - tights are on sale!

  3. I love the look of them! Great find and well worth the spending of 50 bucks to save 10. (Isn't it funny how we rationalize our purchases.) I am not a resolution runner, but you would definitely put me to shame if you ran next to me. Especially in the winter. It takes me 10 minutes to put on all my layers, and by the time I'm done I look like a Sumo wrestler. :) I have yet to bring out my parka, however.

  4. Darnit! I had a really decent comment and lost it! Ah well, the gist of it was that, if I wanted to be a REAL runner, I'd have to invest in some of those fancy-nancy pants. However, i'm just piddling.

    And it rarely gets below 55 degrees here when I run.

  5. Words I fear:
    "Honey, guess how much money I saved today?!"

  6. Much better than a parka!

    I think she needs congratulating, though - it is nearly 3 weeks now!

  7. Snazzy! Not only are you keeping fit, but you're doing it in style. I like those fancy leggings but, like Judy, they wouldn't get much use down here except a few weeks during the winter.