Monday, December 19, 2011

sicks days

It's six days until Christmas and our house looks pretty much the same as it did for - say- Labor Day.   We have no tree, no stockings, no bells on the door, no lights on the roof.  NO-thing.  Well, we do have those 5-year-old snowflakes...

Our plan was to go the nursery for a tree yesterday.  It's not a complicated thing, we just get a small tree in a pot, put it on top of a table, decorate it and voila, suddenly it's Christmas!  But that didn't happen.  It didn't happen because I came down the "The Crud" and APPARENTLY, NOTHING CHRISTMASSY CAN HAPPEN HERE IF I'VE GOT THE CRUD!

I was perfectly happy to let the menfolk go to the nursery and get a tree while I stayed home and remained one with the futon.  And they are the ones who put the lights up and such in the yard, anyway.  Me?  On a ladder?  HaHaHaHaHa!!

But no.  Since I was laid up with The Crud (coughingsneezingheadfulloffluid), everybody else took a sick day too.  But The Crud won't beat me.  I'm up.  I've got my sexy on with the windpants-over-leggings-and-turtleneck-over-thermal going, accentuated with a splash of Vick's Vap-O Rub. 

Magnum is working today and tomorrow, then he's off for the week.  I'm thinking Wednesday will be tree day.  We should probably get a good bargain so close to Christmas...

... if there are any trees left.


  1. Do any of the neighbours have suitably fur-like trees? You could always steal one like in Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

    Hope you feel better for the big day!

  2. Hope you feel 100% better soon!!! Good luck getting a tree ;)

  3. We have the same dilemma down here. I hope to have our tree up by Thursday. I'm sure the guys will be able to find a good tree at the lot. Maybe a Charlie Brown tree?

    And nothing says Merry Christmas like the smell of Vap-O-Rub.

  4. So sorry you caught the creeping crud. It does sneak up on you. I like your description of the sexy you with the layers of clothes and Vicks! Take care.

  5. Doesn't it just figure that the Crud would hit so close to Christmas? Hope you're feeling better soon and I hope you get your tree!