Thursday, November 10, 2011

thought you saw me wink, no

I just learned that its NaBloPoMo! (National Blog Posting Month)   Even if you too did not know it was NaBloPoMo, aren't you glad to know now?  If just to say it out loud?

NaBloPoMo 2011

Each day, a writing prompt is posted.  I'm going to jump on the bandwagon even though we're 10 days in already.  Today's prompt is:

What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?

I would like to reveal a secret passion.  My not-so-secret passions have been gabbed about enough here I think.  I mean, come on, for one, I have jackets for my feet!

One of  my other passions, which might not be that much of a secret, is that I love to people watch.  "People watch" written together like that is a verb, right?  It doesn't sound correct to say that I love to watch people.  That sounds a bit creepy.

So yeah.  Some people go to the mall to shop or "hook up" (teenagers!).  I go to people watch.  Some people like to hit museums and get all cultured.  I usually find the people more interesting than the exhibits.  Restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, boring meetings - all fertile ground!

In that sense, my moonlighting job as a crossing guard is wonderfully indulging.  When I'm not escorting the little people across the street, I'm watching the motorists.  Some are harried, probably late for work.  Some are eating and/or drinking.  Multi-tasking moms on cell phones, burley city employees in fashionable (moreso than mine!) orange vests, sleepy parents driving kids to school, friendly waving strangers, grumpy commuters, rebellious motorcyclists in their biker leather glory,  young dangerous-looking guys, and we can't forget the occassional traffic cop - I watch the watchers too.

And this is why I also enjoy reading blogs so much.  It's just another form of people watching.  Watching from the inside. 

What's your (PG-13) secret passion?


MissKris said...

Oh, honey! I can't remember back to when I WASN'T a people-watcher. Or a people-listener. There isn't anything more interesting to me than combining the two, haha! I remember when my Dear Hubby and I were first married and hardly had two pennies to rub together...we used to love to go to the Jantzen Beach Mall in Portland, OR - where I was from until 8 months ago when we moved to Michigan. There was a little cafe in the mall that sold the biggest and most decadent cinnamon rolls for hardly nothing. It opened up right into the mall. We'd get cups of coffee and a couple of cinnamon rolls and sit there for hours. We were both unemployed at the time so we'd do this on the day we'd have to go sign up at the Unemployment Office once a week. This was 37 years ago, mind you. I find as a blog writer that these two passions of mine are a minefield of 'fodder' for my blog posts at times. They're both great teachers when it comes to understanding human nature, that's for sure. I don't have the time to read others' blogs like I once used to and I don't have the time to write every day any care for my two little grandsons takes care of that...but both are also passions. Just tucked away on a closet shelf until I can bring them out again and try them on for size. :-) Hopefully they'll still fit. HA!

Rebecca S. said...

I've heard of NaNoWriMo, but not the blogging one. It must be new!
I like to people watch, too, but I'm more of an eavesdropper...I like to hear what other people talk about.
BTW, bocconicini is a type of raw mozarrella cheese, confit just means 'preserved' (I only found out yesterday what it means) and Mead is an ancient type of liquor made from honey and sometimes has flavourings of elderberries and wine grapes. It's delicious!

terri said...

I'd love to jump on this bandwagon too, but we all know how miserably I failed at the wordpress post-a-day thingy. Nope. Guess I'll just stick to my sporadic writing schedule.

My secret passion? I guess you could say that singing is one of my secret passions. I love to sing. I do it badly, therefore I do it in places where I can't be heard, like in the car. Occasionally I give it a shot in public, during karaoke night and then I am reminded why I should keep this passion to myself!