Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 29, but not really

November is coming to a close and I'm still blogging every day.  Okay, so I didn't find out about the blog everyday bandwagon until half the month was gone, but better late than never!  Last week was a bit of a challenge to post something each day with the holiday and all, but I managed and now we're into the home stretch.

And I'm going to try to keep going. I understand that the mayhem continues, here's the new badge for December. 

NaBloPoMo 2011

Go ahead, click it!  It starts December 1st and runs until December 31st. Just make the commitment to (1) blog daily for the month (nothing more to it than that!) and (2) to support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers by reading a handful of the other blogs on the blogroll. 

Or not.  I'm not a pusher.

They'll have daily prompts again for those days when you feel your own life is just too boring to share. 

These kinds of things are good for me.  I've learned that, like many, I need some external challenge to keep my interests up.  That's why I could never keep a journal going before the blog age, no matter how "healthy" I'd heard it was.  I'm curious about other bloggers.  Did / Do you keep a written journal?  For any appreciable length of time?  For your eyes only?

Oh yeah, there was also portrait-a-day month which I managed for about a week.  But I did add a few portraits to my "gallery" and so to herald the end of that November promo, I made a video

I didn't embed it here because THIS is not an art blog, but it's a video of portraits, just portraits.  Feel free to click and see.

Now, time to go do the paid employment thing...


Anita said...

I clicked on the image before reading all of the post, saw the prompt, and thought, "My life is too boring to write something every day.

And what should I read when I continued - "when you feel your life is just too boring." :)

Kudos to you for making all making a good showing in your writing and art.

I looked at the portrait video. Have you ever earned a few bucks at it? Just sayin'...

Anita said...

Oops. Take out one of those "makings."

Oh, and the journal thing: I have a few volumes "hidden away under lock and key." I mainly used (and still visit them once or twice a year) them to write about major frustrations.

terri said...

Hmmm... I WANT to write more, but just can't seem to find the motivation or much of interest to write about. Maybe I'll try the December challenge...

I never kept a written journal, unless you count the Snoopy journal I had in seventh grade, complete with lock and key. It was filled mainly with things such as, "Today I went to school." and "Mark + Terri 4 ever." Different Mark than the current one. Clearly we were NOT 4 ever.

Jenn and Casey said...

Good luck with Dec! I'm finishing up November and then taking a rest!

agg79 said...

You've got more stamina and motivation than I have to keep this up everyday. It is an interesting/challenging endeavor to keep at it each day but I think you have done exceptionally. And the portraits are really good.