Saturday, November 12, 2011


Okay, anybody else have a whiteboard or something similar on their fridge?  As I recall, we ended up with one on our fridge because somebody just HAD to have one for his locker at school, but soon found out it just got in the way, so it ended up on our fridge.

I have to admit that it does come in handy sometimes.  Recall last Thanksgiving when Chaco left me this note.  Since then, many many drawings have seemingly magically appeared on the previously orphaned whiteboard.  Often, we aren't sure of who the artist is, as the drawings are mostly done on the sneak. 

What has somehow evolved is, about every month or so, someone will start a new picture thread, and all subsequent pictures are to rhyme that starter depiction.  So technically (as if we actually have rules) the drawings aren't necessarily "things to do", but the thing on there now looks like a good directive - safety considerations aside.  The thread started with a ghost, and this is what is now on the whiteboard:

I know that some people refer to themselves as list makers.  Others, not so much.  Magnum, in proud Asperger fashion, is a king of list making.  As part of the employee work/health incentives program, I was tasked to make a couple of lists.  One, I'm supposed to list ways to reduce stress in my life, another, list ways I can eat healthier.  The fun thing is, if I do it, I'll actually get paid money.  Yes, I can be a paid journalist.  And I actually even doubt that anyone will read it, but turns out, it doesn't matter! 

So yeah, I'll do it.  It's on my list of things-to-do, along with the above drawing, a note that Chaco needs a haircut and the subaru needs an oil change.

What's on your list of things-to-do?  Do you take time to schedule the fun things too?  Do you even have a list? 


terri said...

I'm a list maker. Mostly I make lists of things we need. Target sells these notepads with magnets on the back of them so they can hang on the fridge and I am never without one.

Kacey's friends use the notepads to leave notes for Mark and me... silly notes telling us they love us. Even the boys do this. I gotta say I enjoy it!

Judy said...

Oh, I am SUCH a lister...would you expect anything less from me? I put down fun stuff and chore stuff on my lists, and it thrills me to no end to make the list and scratch stuff off the list. I live for this!

Which reminds me...I need a list for today!