Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Okay, school started three weeks ago, and just now I'm settling into a nice mellow time schedule, getting caught up on things and thinking up some fun and useful projects.  This blog, too, while I've been updating pretty regularly, there are things going on behind the scenes that needed some cleanupness / updateness.

Pop quiz:  I just now changed something on my profile.  Anyone?  Anyone know what it is?  Of course not!  You'd never get it so don't even try.  Wolfgang went from 15 years old to 16.  That happened in July, but let's pretend it just happened and do the token birthday baby pic:

Aw, so cute, happy birthday Wolfgang, love love love, smooch smooch smooch, blah blah blah.  Okay, caught up on that tidbit...

He hasn't earned his driver's license yet, but is working on it and so wants to drive everywhere.  Add to that the fact that Chaco just recently  got his license and wants to drive everywhere.  Add to that the fact that I prefer to not take the cars anywhere, and tensions are mounting, but tolerable.

My work situation has also changed a bit.  I'm still moonlighting as an X-Treme crossing guard for the neighborhood elementary school, but I'm no longer a teacher's aid there.  I decided to resign that position over the summer.  Truth is, it was difficult for me to go from teaching grad students to being a K-5 teacher's aid.  I don't mean to sound snotty about that, but it truly was a difficult transition.  Not just the education level, but also going from private teaching to public - big differences there. There are plenty of qualified people looking for work these days, I'm sure the school will fill the yet-to-be-filled position.  I left while we're all still friends :D.

And now I'm back to being a tutor/teacher/coach for "WiseAss Tutoring" (not their real name, but kinda close...).  I like it. 

Okay, that's good enough for bringing things up to date.  The backyard is a mess, some walls need painting, and we need a new roof, but posting this gives me a fictitious impact of being productive. 


Scott said...

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang!

Guano said...

Weird. I gotta baby pic of our 16-yr-old that looks a LOT like Meego.

terri said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Wolfgang! Sheesh, your kids are getting grown up!

Good for you for steering your career path back to where you're happiest. Gotta do what's right for YOU sometimes.