Tuesday, June 7, 2011


<-- Note left for my slumbering children this morning in the unlikely event that they would awaken and become vertical before my return from walking the dog. "All of China" is a nickname for her, but that's another story...

Week two of summer break. Last week, I did quite a bit of catching up on things, and I'm rather enjoying this week by not doing a whole lot of anything. In fact, my mom called this morning and we had a short conversation:

Mom: Hi Abby, are you in Arizona?
Me: No. Arizona is on fire

Mom: I know, that's why I called. I thought you said something about going to Arizona.
Me: Well, we were, but not this week. Magnum has some training at work, plus, Arizona is on fire.

Mom: Oh, I see. I asked Dad if it was now you were going to Arizona, but he didn't know anything about that, just said, 'Arizona?! Why on earth would they go to Arizona?!'

(I did tell them both that we were going to Arizona... good old Mom)

Me: Yep, you're right. We were planning a trip, but not for this week. Plus, Arizona is on fire.

Mom: I was in Pueblo yesterday, and we couldn't see the mountains.
Me: I know, it's really smokey here too, because Arizona is on fire.

Mom: Well, I'm glad you're not in Arizona.

Me too. I'm having enough troubles dealing with the smoke in Colorado from the fact that Arizona is on fire. I can only imagine what it's like in the actual Arizona. We are currently rethinking our road trip plans.

But in the meantime, I'm just enjoying some lazy days. Blame it on smoke-in-the-atmosphere sloth, but it's not total sloth. For instance, in the past few days:

- I've purchased 2 shirts for myself. Cool ones for summer. I needed them, really.
- I've checked out 2 books from the library and have actually read large parts of them.
- Chaco has peeled large expanses of dead skin from his sunburned body.
- Wolfgang has lost neither part nor all of his new pair of running shoes.
- Meego has kept half of the neighborhood armed from his nerf gun arsenal.
- Magnum goes to work and supports all of this decadent activity.

Why on earth would we go to Arizona?


terri said...

You're in Arizona? Get back home to Colorado! Don't you know? Arizona is on FIRE!

Judy said...

There's a fire? In Arizona?

(no, no, no...I know there is a fire in Arizona...don't go there!)

Come to Texas! Nothing is on fire (yet), but it is hot enough to feel like fire!

Guano said...

Haven't walked All of China
But I've walked the Wall of China

And BTW, the tempo of that conversation sounds familiar

Scott said...

Terribly funny post!

It's just one natural disaster after another this year--I've never seen anything like it.

I've said before that if (when) another Ivan-sized hurricane tears my house up, and endangers my life, I'm moving to Southern Arizona, Southern New Mexico, or Southwest Texas. But there are natural dangers there too.

Anita said...

Sounds just like a mom. That'll be us some day...soon...or is it already us and we just don't realize it?

Post should be titled, "Arizona is on Fire."

LOL as I type.

Glad you're indulging. Keep up the good work.

agg79 said...

Arizona's on fire?
Sounds like one hot place to visit.

Funny dialog. I wonder if Magnum goes to work to support all the activity or just to get away from it...