Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silver Liningness

Yeesh, it's been a while since I've done a silver lining post, not that there hasn't been plenty of shiny stuff.

First of all, as mentioned, this past week was Run With Lumber week. Yay! My last one as chairperson! Okay, it is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work and fretting, and I'm quite relieved that this one went off well and I can leave it on a good note.

Chaco and Wolfgang did a great job as Lumber too, even helping to get the course set up and doing other volunteer jobs when not in the suit.

True, I do give them some ca$$h for their efforts... but that's just to ensure that someone is in the suit, otherwise it's just "Run Around On The Field With Teachers and Moms and Stuff". Not nearly as fun as "Run With Lumber".

It was also Teacher Appreciation week. The school does a weekly "newscast". It's really cheesy, but kinda cute in a cheesy way. Anyway, a few students went on to name specific teachers they appreciated and one of them appreciated me.

It was a 5th grade kid who I expect is bored and is happy to be pulled out of his classroom for any reason. He said something like "I appreciate Mrs. Normal because she helps me with my daily 5 and with my research and lets me tell jokes and stuff..." Okay, so he could've stopped with the research, but oh well, I'll take what I can get.

And the weather's taken a turn for the better. Recall that last weekend it was snowing, this weekend it's in the 80's. I guess we're just skipping spring altogether.

Oh, and Manny won. Again.



brandy101 said...

WHOO-hoo for the shoutout from the 5th grader!

Scott said...

That's the first thing I noticed--the weather there is beautiful! In fairness it's beautiful here in Northwest Florida too--but we don't have mountains! And the mountains in the background are magnificent!

Anita said...

Been a mixture of rain, cloudy days, and sporadic sun here in central Virginia. Bring on the heat...well, maybe a little.

You sound calm and peaceful; a nice silver lining.

Congrats on another successful Run with Lumber!

agg79 said...

I hope you gave him some good jokes. 5th graders are always in search of new material.

Glad Run With Lumber went well. But where are the pictures of the shirts and shades?