Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wife beater

Day two of the siege. Yep, it's still too cold to go to school, but things are looking up. The forecast is calling for a high temperature of 5 degrees ABOVE zero, with windchills ONLY down to minus 25 or so. Whoo, turn on the AC!

Strangely, there's not a whole lot of snow around. Sort of a too-cold-to-snow storm. I ventured out last night to get a few groceries. About froze my face off walking through the parking lot. It was strangely painful, unlike any cold face I've experienced before. I can only imagine the pleasant expression that must have accompanied the experience.

And I did get caught up on a fair amount of my domestic aspirations too, but there's always more where those came from. I managed to scratch a few sketches in the sketchbook too, including this one.
Well.... toldya it was cold!

The "maintenance req'd" light came on in our little beater Honda Civic last night during my grocery run. I'd like to get it into the shop today, but am waiting for the temperature to go up. Magnum normally uses that car to drive to work, but he took the "good car" - the 12-year-old Subaru - instead.

I'm reminded of my love/hate relationship with cars. Great to have when you need them, and I do tend to "befriend" them, perceiving their different personalities and such, but they can be a pain to maintain as they get older.

My mom is still convalescing in the hospital, and I may be driving her home when she does eventually get discharged, a round trip of about 300 miles. Which crap car to use?

I actually think the Subaru's in pretty good shape. It does have over 100K miles on it, but it's been a good car and I'd by another. It's just that I don't want anything to crap out while I'm driving my elderly mother.

I guess I'll burn that bridge when I get there.



Coreopsis said...

Beautiful sketch--worthy of a cold day. I especially like how you handled the wrinkles. I've been really getting into clothing wrinkles lately. (It's cold in Kansas too, but with coveralls and a down vest, I worked up a sweat shoveling snow this morning--5F with -15 windchills).

Deirdre said...

Great sketch!

Good luck on the trip with your Mother. :)

agg79 said...

Boy, it musta been cold.
Glad to hear things have warmed up. In this balmy weather, I imagine that you are taking the time to open up the house to let in the fresh air.

Cars can be fickle. The seem to know when is the worst time to have problems. I can only imagine having that little red light come on now is not cheap or painless. One option? - take the bulb out. Or duct tape over the light. Painful as it may be, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and get the repairs done to insure it does not present a problem for your family. Hope it is something minor, but I'd stick with the Subaru. At 100k miles, it is not old, it is just broken in.

terri said...

Sounds to me like there's yet another "cold day" in your near future.

Love the drawing. I can picture the rest of it... I think she's leaning up against a brick wall, smoking a cigarette...

Scott said...

Sounds like you have alot going on--best wishes to you!

Yes, a car is truly a necessary evil--but one most of us have no choice but to buy, since there's practically no reliable public transportation here--as there is in Western Europe, Japan, etc.

brandy101 said...

What about Big Butt Van? It sounds like that'd be a better "road trip" vehicle?

Anyway, I've been thinking of your mom & family and hope everyone is doing ok.

Adam said...

Oh, man. My car practically had a hernia starting up in these sub-zero temps. It sounds like you guys are getting hit worse than we are! Then again, I"m living in what we call the banana belt of Wyoming...where it's now a balmy 25 degrees....