Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

And a lovely Sunday morning it is.

Firstly, how about that Manny Pacquiao? Any boxing fan knows what I'm referring to this morning. I happen to be a bit of a boxing fan. I'm not even sure how or why because I never watch boxing - we don't even have cable, let alone pay-per-view, and I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in MMA. I think I'm just impressed with the discipline and training required, not to mention the insanity of participating in the sport, so I follow it somewhat and can drop a name now and then. Combine that interest with the fact that I'm 50% Filipino, and it's impossible for me to not know about Manny Pacquiao. Anyways, I'm glad he won and I'm glad it's over because I was actually worried about him this time. Silly me.

In other goodness news, I finally got around to going to the doctor's for a "well woman check" a year and a half overdue. I detailed my reluctance for these things before, and don't want to rehash it. And anyway, it's the right thing to do, plus, Magnum supplied me with two sweet words: "cash incentive". His employer actually gives us money for jumping through a few health hoops. We don't even have to BE healthy! We just have to show that we know whether we are or not!

And let me just add that, in regards to the previously mentioned "reluctance", this particular time was so much better! As I was being stirrupped (yes, that's a verb), I just casually mentioned my challenges to the doctor - a bit of pre-pap-pep-talk I suppose, mainly for her benefit as an "it's not you it's me" sort of tone - which prompted her to select a different speculum than that used on normal women. Omigosh! What a difference! Ladies, if you share my deformity, give your doctor the pep talk! Better yet, purchase one of those things and carry it in your purse!

Okay, enough of that....

In movie news, Magnum and I both enjoyed City Island - yet another flick I'd never heard of, but it showed up in my Netflix recommendations. It's a hoot! Very fun! Go see!


terri said...

I know nothing of boxing, but if Manny's win makes you happy, then it makes me happy. Now I know enough to drop a name here and there too!

Congrats on going in for your annual. I dread those things too and have a habit of falling behind, though I'm less delinquent these days. I'm only late by a few months and I've been meaning to schedule that appointment soon. This week... maybe...

I actually watched movies this weekend too... Toy Story 3 (GOOD!) and The Hangover (Don't really see what all the hype was about.)

agg79 said...

Not a big boxing fan but I can understand your excitement.

It's good that you got that "chore" out of the way. Not something everyone looks forward to, but a necessary evil to stay healthy. Just wait until you hit the 50 mile marker and you can look forward to your very own Colonoscopy.

brandy101 said...

Not sure which I dislike more: annual pap or teeth cleanings.

Glad you got yours done - hope the results are uneventful!

Anita said...

I used to LOVE boxing during my teens and twenties during the Mohammed Ali days, and then Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran days. I guess because my stepfather watched and introduced me. Maybe I'll revisit the "sport" some day. :)

Glad you got in position for the necessary check up. I just had the mammo two days ago, and due for the stirrups soon.

It's cool to be mixed race these days. You should cash in with an autobiography like some other "exotic" folk..Hoda Kotb, Soledad O'Brien... :)