Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Okay, yesterday I gloated about having all my Thanksgiving fixin's on hand. That wasn't entirely true. I need to do a run for yams and Cool Whip sometime today. Nothing like the grocery store on Thanksgiving eve. Sure to be every woman for herself. I do enjoy cooking, just rarely make it a priority, and the family is usually appreciative when I do.

Maybe along those lines, but not necessarily so, I recently learned about a new-to-me artist: Fernando Botero. Recall that I recommended the movie City Island a few days ago. Have you seen it yet? Why not!?! Oh well, in the movie, there's a side plot that involves Botero. I had no idea who or what this was referring to necessarily. I meant to look it up afterwards out of curiosity, but I guess it wasn't all that important. Nevermind, because in an almost eerie, coincidental, synchronistic way, Chaco educated me.

Chaco had an assignment in his spanish class. He needed to put together a presentation of sorts about an artist. He chose Fernando Botero at random from a list. I came upon him as he'd begun working on the project. He was clearly not a Botero fan.

"This isn't art, it's just a bunch of fat people!" Curious, I went to see what he was talking about, and that's where I learned about Fernando Botero.

"BOTERO!! That's the reference in that movie we just watched! Now I totally get it!"

Surprisingly, Chaco was not as flabbergasted as I was at this amazing coincidence.

I've since learned a bit more about him. In the art world, he's known for these "inflated images", but the non-politically correct, Chaco's "fat people" is pretty much Botero's trademark.

I've come to rather like these plump people. I doubt I would hang them on the walls of my house, those are reserved for my children's masterpieces. But a greeting card or two is not out of the question, provided the plump people are not naked or being tortured.

And maybe it's the odd coincidence of Chaco's assignment with my seeing "City Island". Or maybe it's the humor I find in Chaco's presentation. Or maybe it's that I will be a cooking fool tomorrow.

Either way, I find Botero roundly amusing today.



brandy101 said...

I think its a great coincidence especially for this season of gluttony!

Duble said...

by the way i stole one of these pictures to be the team photo for one of my fantasy football teams, the thick ballarinas.