Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween! Since this Sunday lands on a spooky one, I thought I'd changed things up a little and present a few of my favorite spooky film characters in no particular order.

Now, yes, there are the obvious ones - the Darth Vaders, the Hannibal Lecters, the Jasons, the Freddies, etc. What I LIKE in a good scare are the ones that seem absolutely plausible. The ones that could be the guy next door, or the guy in the kitty corner cubicle...

...or, the guy dating your daughter. In the movie Fear, a young Mark Wahlberg (not yet too far removed from the Marky Mark we all knew and loved) is that guy, Reese Witherspoon your daughter!

Yes, he's attentive and gentle and caring... and let's face it, he looks pretty darned good playing pool in a tight shirt and blue jeans. But, don't be fooled! Next thing you know, he's pummeling your platonic high school buddy and worse!

Then there's Colonel Landa from Inglorius Basterds. Wasn't he SO wonderfully EE-VIL?! Truly, in my book, Christoph Waltz deserved every one of the awards he won for that role.

In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there were a couple of awful, evil guys-next-door. I will mention just one so as to not present any spoilers for those who have yet to see the movie. The so-called "Guardian" PIG! Evil, evil man.

In the movie "Fracture", Anthony Hopkins plays a successful and highly intelligent businessman. Ooooh, beware the successful, highly intelligent businessman!

And lastly, I'll throw in the movie "Severance", because it's just stupid, somewhat spooky fun.

I would love to hear any other evil recommendations. Do tell! What creeps you out?


Anita said...

Have to admit, I'm in the "boring" category as far as movies go. Haven't seen the scary stuff in YEARS!

Hope your other readers will have some good recommendations.

terri said...

I don't do scary movies. Years ago, the Nightmare on Elm Street movies freaked me out so bad that I gave up horror flicks. I prefer suspense movies with a little bit of the scary factor... like The Sixth Sense.

Duble said...

I do not watch horror type movies, partially cause they're stupid, but mostly cause of my sleep disorder, I go into dreaming almost immediatly after falling asleep and start to dream about what ever was on my mind. The wife used to leave the tv on and after her show, law and order reruns would come on, cause that is what they do.

But that is the answer to you movie evil question for me, the cop dramas sorta freak me out. I do not like to think the cops are so casual about murder, raping and all kinda of evil things.

Also, a little fyi for you, the second of the girl with something or other in swedish movie is available on netflix now.

Also, I love what she did to the guardian, she better do the same in the english version.

brandy101 said...

its comedies or rom-coms for me; sometimes documentaries. I can't stand gore or scary stuff.

Well, ok, sometimes I do enjoy a bit of suspense but not outright "scary."

agg79 said...

Great. Now I have reorder my netflix queue to pick up some of those new titles. I'm a big Sir Hopkins fan (Good evening, Clarice)I think I overlooked Fracture and will have to watch it. Ditto for Severance.

Don't really have too many other evil recommendations aside of the ones you mentioned.