Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

... this time, on a Tuesday!

Well, it's busy. Weekends are busy. October is a rip-roaring month in the land of standardized admissions testing, thus making September and October rip-roaring months in the land of stanrdized admissions testing preparations. Aren't you glad to know that now?

So on that front, I'm enjoying the busyness. One grad class and one high school class plus a handful of tutees is enough for my schedule. And they're all attentive and friendly students. After all, there are annoying ones out there.

Speaking of which, one of my high schooler tutees informed me yesterday that she got 32 big ones on her recent ACT. Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl. Now, onto pwning the SAT!

Okay, enough shop talk! I'm thankful that Wolfgang got a haircut. Really. We pretty much let the kids do what they want with their hair and clothes. I mean, they're boys - not too many battles there. But Wolfgang had been letting his hair grow for a while. His hair is very thick and wavy, so when he grows it out it gets, in a word, BIG. Combine that with his thin build, and he was looking a bit disproportioned in my humble opinion. He thankfully asked for a haircut - figured it would cut down on the drag for cross country. Whatever works!

Remember that elementary school car show I mentioned at some time or another? Of course you do! Well, it was this past Saturday. Weather was perfect, pizza was free, cars were sure purdy. I don't know how much money we raised, but I'd say it was a success, which is nice because the guy who organizes it is an all-around nice guy.

In movie news, we watched "The Losers". It's no chick flick, it's a comic book movie. But for the ladies, I'll say just one word: Jensen.
A singer in a smokey room... the smell of wine and cheap perfume...
Everybody sing!



brandy101 said...

My tween is driving me nuts with her hair/clothes issues. Takes her FOREVER to get ready in the morning - and usually its just a tee, hoodie and jeans!

I am truly scared of the teen years. Ugh.

Anita said...

Your shop talk lets me know how much I am "out" of it!

Good for you that you still got it goin' on.

I think I still got a few things goin' on...let me think..hmmmm...

terri said...

I love "nice" kids. I know a lot of them, but kids that age get a bad reputation by the actions of a few. It's good to see some of them recognized for their niceness.

agg79 said...

No car show pictures? There had to be some interesting rides there.

Watched the Losers last month. Kinda like the A-team with a few less special effects.