Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the juicer, the chicken, the fireworks

That pretty much sums up my 4th of July.

Ours was a success, I'd say. The day started out nicely enough. Saturday afternoon, I'd put our Power Juicer for sale on craigslist. We bought it about a year ago when our soft-sell-watching-too-much-late-night-TV kids convinced us to do so. Yeah! We could use it for surplus veggies from the garden! Make our own V-8 type thing!

Surprise. Soft-sell-watching-too-much-late-night-TV kids don't much care for veggie juice. Neither do I for that matter (Magnum will eat/drink anything). They wanted me to make fruit juice. Well, we don't grow our own fruit, so in the end, the "homemade" juice would actually cost more to make than just to buy already in juice form. PLUS, I'd have to go through the pain of cleaning all those pesky juicer parts.

For sale: One Power Juicer.

On Sunday morning, I found that someone had answered my ad. I called her number. "I can't eat solid foods! I'll take it!" She lives south end of town, I live north end, so we arranged to meet in the middle. I drove to the designated exchange place where I received a call that her borrowed truck had thrown a coupla lug nuts, and they were waiting for replacements.

They weren't far, so I just drove and made the juicer exchange literally on the on ramp to the interstate. Good thing I'm not a drug dealer.

Later in the afternoon, it was off to the annual 4th o' July pot-luck block party. This is always a fun time catching up with neighbors and meeting new ones. My new cool next door neighbor, whom I'd only spoken with briefly a couple of times, makes a mean Teryaki chicken. It's SO mean, she would not share the recipe with the rest of us. It's like some ancient Hawaiian secret!

The night was topped off with the traditional plethora of illegal fireworks - pretty much a display of testosteral manliness - while we womenfolk just gabbed away, despite the noise, in true womanly fashion.

I think our forefathers would approve.


Judy said...

Sounds like an outstanding Independence Day to me! Congrats on unloading on Craigslist...I love doing stuff like that!

agg79 said...

I can local news - woman arrested in illegal juicer exchange. Major crime ring broken up.

You seem to have good luck with Craigslist. I have a couple of lamps and cd players you could sell for me.

Sounds like a great 4th for you guys! Lots of food & explosions. Just what a guy needs...

Liz in Aus said...

I sometimes find that when someone doesn't share their 'secret' recipe for an amazing dish it's because they bought takeout.
Just sayin' :P

terri said...

I really need to give this Craig's List thing a try. I have so much stuff that needs new owners!

Fourth of July sounds fun and typical. But as far as the woman not sharing her recipe... it always makes me wonder about a person who does that. I consider it an honor when someone asks me for a recipe! And I gladly share.

brandy101 said...

ohhh, I feel partly responsible for your juicer purchase.

It was great for many extra fruit/veggies I was getting when I did a CSA. I actually need to get it out and start using it again - gotta amp up my antioxidant intake (see blog for more info.)

Deirdre said...

My Mother-In-Law gifted me with a juicer last year for Christmas. I love using it but like you, do not enjoy cleaning it.

I put it up a few months ago and didn't remember I had one until I read this post. :|

I should really take it back down and put a little more effort into using it.

Glad to read you enjoyed your 4th of July. :)